Jumping Worm Frightens Reader

earthworm in dirt

Yesterday we received an interesting message from one of our readers. Since it is rather bizarre we will share it with some minor editing, “Last night when I was outside I heard rustling next to me and thought it was probably some kind of insect but when I shone my light on it I couldn’t see anything until this huge worm literally JUMPED into a hole, it completely freaked me out. I told my dad about it and hearing the words come out of my mouth made me feel like I was sounding crazy but I told my dad to go outside to look and there was the worm. I got a plant pot stick and touched it and it shot back in the hole again!! I was glad somebody else saw it or I would have thought I was going crazy but this worm jumped!! I’ve looked online and I’ve only read about them being in America or Asia. Have you any information on these? My dad has contacted someone as these are an invasive species.”

We appreciate the message from our reader, but we are afraid we won’t be of much help because of some crucial details that are missing. First, we have no idea what this worm looks like. Our reader didn’t share a photo, or provide any physical description of the worm. Also we have no idea where in the world our reader is writing us from. We think she probably is not in America or Asia, since that is where the jumping worm apparently lives and she mentioned its presence would be considered invasive. According to Cool Green Science, jumping worms are a species of earthworm that have become established in the eastern and southeastern United States. We supposed this could be what our reader is talking about, but we cannot be certain without more information.

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To wrap up, one of our readers discovered a “jumping worm” that really freaked her out. If any of our other readers have experience with this worm, we invite them to comment on this post.

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Jumping Worm Frightens Reader
Article Name
Jumping Worm Frightens Reader
One of our readers discovered a "jumping worm" that really freaked her out.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

1 thought on “Jumping Worm Frightens Reader

  1. During the day here (El Paso, TX USA) it gets very hot and I tend to find what I believe are desiccated earthworms on the sidewalk. I was outside at about 0430 and I found some worms (earthworms?) that were slightly desiccated on the sidewalk (its still pretty cool outside, about 67 degrees Fahrenheit and there’s no sun yet). My father-in-law has a number of critters which enjoy a nice worm meal and, he as asked me, if possible, to bring him any worms I am able to get (live, if possible) I put the three “moistest” worms into a cup with a bit of water and one has started to move (after about 10-15 minutes. What do you think the odds are that the others will revive at this point? Also, can I drown the worm(s) by having them in too much water?

    Thanks for your help!


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