Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman

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EXCITING UPDATE! A regular All About Worms reader named Heidi has, after extensive research, discovered both what are these parasites that look like hair that are infecting humans (or at least infecting her), and a cure to eradicate them! Read the write-up of the information that she shared with us here.

Photographs of “jet black”, “as well as translucent”, organisms have recently been sent in by this reader, who wonders if there are any worms or parasites which look “exactly like human hair” and “completely removes hair.” From the photos, we can discern a head of human hair (with the parasites presumably hidden among the strands of hair), as well as a black insect-looking creature. To start with, we need to stress the fact that while we will answer our reader’s question of whether or not any worms that resemble human hair exist, we will not be able to provide our reader with an identification of these organisms. This is because we are not medical professionals, and this situation is clearly medical in nature. We are not qualified to provide medical advice, and so we urge our reader to consult a medical professional, as this is the only place one can get a dependable diagnosis and proper treatment.

That being said, we advise seeking out a parasite specialist rather than one’s general doctor, as they are far more likely to be able to help with a situation like this because they are actually trained to treat parasitic infections, whilst a lot of doctors are not. To find a specialist, our reader can Google ‘infectious disease physician (name of her closest big city)’ or ‘travel disease doctor (name of her closest big city)’.

So, we come to the question of worms/parasites resembling human hair. The first worm that comes to mind is the horsehair worm, which is a black/brown worm that is parasitic, but not to humans. They start off as eggs in aquatic habitats, and upon consumption by an insect or crustacean, they feed and grow in the body of their hosts until they are fully grown, whereupon they burst out of the host’s body, killing it in the process. If one if found in the home, it is usually because an insect that was host to a horsehair worms, went into the home and died as the horsehair worm left its host, and not because it was inhabiting a human. It is important our reader does understand that this should not be taken as medical advice, but simply as an answer to her question and as general knowledge about the horsehair worm. Further to this, we appreciate that our reader took the time to send us photographs, but we will not be able to provide any insight as to what the organisms in the photos look like to us, as that would be the equivalent of providing medical advice.

To conclude, yes there are worms that look like human hair, but they do not infect human beings. In order to find out what these parasites are, we urge our reader to consult an infectious disease physician and bring sample of the worms too. They can also be identified at a county extension office or entomology department at a university prior to a visit with a physician, which we recommend as a good idea if that is an option. Best of luck to our reader!


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Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman
Article Name
Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman
Photographs of "jet black", "as well as translucent", organisms have recently been sent in by this reader, who wonders if there are any worms or parasites which look "exactly like human hair" and "completely removes hair." From the photos, we can discern a head of human hair (with the parasites presumably hidden among the strands of hair), as well as a black insect-looking creature.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

64 thoughts on “Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman

    1. Hello ..I am dealing with this as well and 425 can’t seem to get any answers …like did all these people that commented cured or did they die? 350 I don’t know but there are alot of these threads about this on line with no clear answers it seems. 0503 You can email me if want to or text (numbers within text) I don’t think email gets published.

  1. Hey,

    My boyfriend is experiencing the same things as most of you. The way it manifests seems a little different for everyone here but the timeline, symptoms, and misdiagnosis, Dr. Ignorance (we’ve now how WAY too many scans and x-rays which can kill you!) match my boyfriend’s life these days.

    I think he’s like a magnet for these things… The whole burning thing etc .. same! Under a UV they glow – mostly green, with some blues and rare occasional red and orange.

    Massaging his lymph system takes away itching and helps get his blood flowing again…

    He has a mucosal blockage in his sinuses, an osseous occlusion in his pelvis… And now two failing valves in his calf muscles.

    He’s 42. Always been healthy BUT he’s a partier, does scrapping with appliances and everything else under the sun, eats carcinogens (aka doesn’t adhere to warning labels or proper protective equipment) and basically had to roll around under our trailer for a year due to the septic – on previously toxic dump site –

    Ok, I am a conspiracy theorist a bit – but I don’t trust much in this world when shit like this is going on . We live in Iowa.

    Do you think drs don’t recognize them or identify them because maybe they are not biological?? Something isn’t right with the 2020 timeline and targeting certain types of people that to me, seem to have a degree of magnetism to them….

    Idk, just want some thoughts on that. I definitely will be checking back on this thread. It’s almost impossible to find any info on what he’s been experiencing….

    Does anyone else have lower leg inoculation points? His began in his ankle. We first thought it was a spider bite. Though it didn’t open up until the ER x-rayed his ankle.

    He’s also on state insurance. Drs have given him shots and not told him what they were, and even given him diagnosis but NEVER EVEN MENTIONED A FKN WORD ABOUT IT. Have found an “osseous occlusion” and a “critical stenosis” but never say anything about it. And they argued with him about a previous surgery for his pelvic joint (femur) about how many screws he has in his body, I looked at the x-rays at home – there are clearly three. The Dr couldn’t see the third one. Like WTF. They tried to shoot him up with fentanyl, dude hardly takes IB Profin. Like WTH happened in 2020… Oh you know. This is bullshit.

    Thank you, pissed off in Iowa

  2. I’ve written before there was nobody with the symptoms I had, I’m delusional, crazy they say, these posts have made such a difference. I know my truth and I’m not gonna let people shame or belittle me like I’m crazy and I just go away.even if I’m the only one these things ARE happening to me and is ruining my life as a person, woman, mother, NaNa , girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter…… Please believe me….. My bf and I had “reg parasites” was treated with EVERYTHING, the pills, to 7 days straight with permithian cream head to toe, ….here’s how it started my of and I were having sex and the worst pressured pain I’ve ever experienced… There was a huge baseball between my legs, like I’ve ever experienced, I went to the bathroom and HUGE clots that looked like adult earth worms all tangled together was coming out, they werent clots, so many for days trying know how i wouldn’t of bled to death. The baseball going down with what felt like a big one wrapped around my private area. Few days later My stomach hurts so bad like I’m In labor, my stomach and private had hairs looking like spider legs coming out everywhere, I honestly thought My stomach was going to explode, tried plucking as quickly as came went back In Me, then many stomach just like labor thought if was my vagina it was my belly button I accidently saw holding mirror and camera. I scream it goes in. I go to the er, won’t look at video but gives me valtrex ( before all this it started with these scabs in My back, that itched, it would To all I’ve My Body microscopic holes that but DJ had and would feel like it was being like From the core out of these holes, felt like something “stung” my face by lip it blistered until it burst open with these yellow goes irk all I’ve My Body, like gold glitter my entire Body, the er Doctor pretty much said I was a meth head who had a had case of herpes. So when the worm was In belly button i went to er they meet Me at triage about 5 people one Nurse pulls my shirtbup I don’t see nothing, first off im a introvert, don’t like attention or being touched, and never To to the Doctor And have anxiety, she was so rude all them people wouldn’t look at video either, told me I had To leave and don’t Come back, there nothing they can do. There slot that’s happened things that are impossible, scientifically impossible but they have and I have it on film, so bizarre when anyone sees these things go right in denial mode, there another explanation, can’t be parasites, these black thread hair like things Come out of my Body I swear millions, And they move, I have to use lint brush and you can see them struggling its like they are microscopic snakes, not even worms they way they move, when i burn them you can see The end looks like a snake head they don’t die, it turns a greenish yellow, its my whole body every hair coming out, they glow move under a zoomed camera its like they see uniformed, are, territorial, nosey, with that i have these tiny black things everywhere on me, alot come out in urine, getting bigger, zoomed In they look like hollow Disks spinning, clear stuff comes out skin with certain lotions, its clear wormy with black dots, eyes, nose, in coughing them up Now, In my ears, I think My eyes have a film over them. My eyelashes eyebrows are these things. I swell up real bad, I bleached my hair I was horrified it looked like mites coming out of every follicle on my head, I pulled hairs out and I jyst kept pulling and pulling… Until eventually i Could pull it out, my hair and scalp glows too like skin like gold dust powder, now im getting terrible headaches feels like my head is heavy, IT JUST FEELS WIERD, I can head like a crunching type sound, my skin is being tore up. This is just a tidbit, there’s SO SO much more, my hair moves like a cobra snake they stand up the ends get a hook on them and like a snout on end, I have grand babies I’m always around in afraid they catch this.. My head feels tight, I just don’t know what to do. I have pictures or video to collaborate all I’m saying about me, its every hair at this point and becoming more attrusive and active. Please email if anyone has any suggestions. Mo**********@gm***.com

    1. Dear God I know it’s hard to believe I read the majority of what you’ve gone through and as a woman it’s horrifying told ur delusional told the doc needs to check ur meds but I too have suffered 1.5 years as this manifestation has affected every aspect of my life, from going to the bathroom. To working to having pleasure… and to have all these doctors think your nuts. Having absesess form hearing and seeing them as they change from a jell substance to a hair fling through the air right back into your body swollen legs and after 10 docs you start trying to find your own way to deal…maybe cure it? When it flies at me attempts to connect to my hair depending on my mood I just want to cut my long hair off. I want to go back to being terrified someone else will get this I’m in my 30s too young to be told I have all these conditions and just because I’m not a doc and I’m looking them I the eyes telling them they’ve got the wrong diagnosis. I too have microscopic holes mainly on my scalp where different matter will expell but also throughout my entire body. I think it has something to do with a water microorganism because I have videos of these things flying out of the walls where water is no doubt t in my mind leaking and I’d go on but please reach out to me djnlb2 at Yahoo I believe everything your saying I’ll add more later please reach out

      1. Have you looked at morgellons and consume as much garlic and oregano as you can eat healthy it does help but as far as cure or an actual label I’ve been trying to figure it out myself my husband was plagued for years before I was and I’m getting better but I still struggle I take hot showers and also dry myself with a hairdryer it seems to help with any skin issues

      2. This has been taking over my life for almost a year, my ankles and feet are so swollen it’s difficult to walk. I have sores , tiny holes on my body , large lesions like craters in my head , they itch. I too had a very bloody clotted mass come out of me, with the same bloody earthworm looking creatures, stools look like the shrimp with pointed nose like I saw mentioned in one of these replies. I was told I had delusions bc of meth( i take adderall) I have had worms come out of my eyes . Bugs in my nose along with parasites, worms. I’ve lost friends bc they think I’m crazy. I’ve gained over 40lbs in 3 months , vomit constantly and burping drives me insane. My hair is falling out , I look horrible … I’m losing my home , car .. everything really. I can’t find help, I’m 53 years old and single . I don’t know what’s happening to me. I have a video of my hair actually walking. It has these tiny white ball like things that seem
        To work as “joints” in the hair. Atleast I know this is real bc I was starting to question my own sanity… reach out if anyone knows anything I can do, anyone that’s gotten a real diagnosis, anything please.

    2. I sent you am email attempted.please reach out this is horrible 1.5 years told I’m crazy and essentially everything you’ve gone through and have I do too though I didn’t read the entire article I hope to hear back

      1. The cures we are all seeking are going to be different, based on getting a diagnosis, which is hard to do when doctors are ignorant and arrogant. My doctor decided I didn’t have parasites and, despite having deep oval wounds with white worms/larvae around the edges. Then pairs of black suckers emerged from the skin around the wounds. I pooped out hundreds of creatures that looked like 2 inch long shrimp with long snouts. I found the drug Combantrin on eBay and I had dead worms hanging out of my wounds. I was healed! I can’t promise it will help anyone else, but it was a miracle for me!

    3. Hi Amy,
      I could say so much! It’s so painful to have your life fall apart in all areas but that wall goes up by everyone that has no empathy compassion or desire to understand. You are seriously dillusional. My family stopped speaking to me, so did my friends. I was not emotional or irrational I was searching and searching and I still am today. Which here is something I just did purchase last week and girl I’m telling you it was like a SciFi movie! Watching things I have never seen fall from my scalp onto the floor. All I could say was ‘ oh my God’ over and over! So here’s what I got at a Rite-Aid store from the shelf. IVERMECTIN LOTION. NOW IT STATES ITS FOR LICE. I DO NOT HAVE LICE. BUT I FOLLOWED THE DRECTIONS EXCEPT I LEFT IT ON MY SCALP AND HAIR ABOUT 30 MINUTES. IT NEVER FELT UN CONFORTABLE OR SMELL BAD. I RINSED AND DRIED MY HAIR. NOTHING hHAPPENED UNTIL ABOUT 4 or 5 hours later. I WAS IN BED BUT BOTHERED BY THAT CRWALING LIKE SENSATION. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF HERE WE GO ITS PROBABLY NOT GONNA WORK FOR ME! I ENTERED THE BATHROOM SAT WITH MY HEAD AND SHOULDERS FORWARD AND DOWN WATCHING QUITE A FEW DEFINATE Black shinny insects squirm around. I GRABBED A PICTURE OF WATER AND BEGAN POURING IT OVER MY HEAD. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING! Long skinny clear like worms falling all around and GOBS AND GOBS OF WHAT I THOUGHT WERE TINY PINE TREES. ONLY BLACK AND HAIRY!





    4. Try bathing with coconut oils or anything that has coconut in it and also try eating some garlic in the morning before anything cut the garlic in little tiny pieces put it in a tea cup add some olive oil and honey

    5. There was a girl I think her name is Heidi and she said maybe midge flies…..I’ve been reading about them and I think she is correct… but I can’t find anything anywhere that says that they could live in the human hair strand and my hair drives me absolutely crazy

  3. I’m truly glad to have came across this thread I’ve had this exact problem going on for the past 6-8 months this time and bout 4 years ago I was committed to mental institute when I couldn’t breathe anymore an called 911 so this time I’ve just suffered in silence till I can’t anymore I’ve lost over 80 pounds no energy afraid to eat …. How in hell do I atleast kill the fibres I know they don’t like it when you burn them they seem to hold a grudge they even put out my wood stove some how an then the intense heat of it still doesn’t kill them please help

    1. i’ve had a similar thing for 3 years luckily after the first 18 months i got to see an infection specialist and she did not find what was happening with me but she helped me make my body stronger she know something was zapping my iron and skin/hair/nails and also my blood and so she prescribed me vitamin D 345mg daily vitamin D capsules one each day and some folic acid for my red and white blood cells so they were equipped to deal with my body better and it took about 3 wks and then i started noticing i had what i called little moments of clarity during my days it would be as if i would wake up, i spent a long time crying and not being able to concentrate ad my hair falling out and ails breaking all the time and i carried on with them she gave them me for 3 months and after that it made me realise there’s a vitamin or herb out there that will kill this and what they have done is helped me to focus again and make my hair healthy again and nails,teeth etc i am still itching all over and whatever this is it as a few different forms some times a tiny black thing that i thought was some kind of flea but when i zoom in on my camera can see it is like a tiny p[piece of dark bark off a tree and has white hairy bits on it and that come off it but to the naked eye it looks black, i get the little transparent hairs a lot, i find them on me usually a bundle of a few of them together or i see them on things that i touch i wash everything on a boil wash and my underwear and nighties and sicks i wash with bleach domestos the good stuff and i can give it a normal wash then and finish off with some conditioner, and conditioner i have found as been a key player in this for me, i washed my hair up until 6 months since in hibbi scrub a medical wash off the doctor it helped a bit but not much this thing also serets some liquid when in the egg form, i see the eggs in my stools but it came back nothing detected a few times now, i have started each day now to use the vitamin D 345mg daily vitamin D capsules one each day and some folic acid, zi9nc 20mg daily, oregano oil 25mg twice a day, vitamin B12,probiotics 40 billion cfu and 15 different strins in them i have ficured out this is definitely a worm when i go potty i can see them swimming out my stools up to the top of the toilet water, i bleach my toilet alot, i change my dishcloths everyday and shower as often as i am able to, the vitamins and herbs i am taking have not killed it but they slowed it down an awful lot but i also ended up with a nodule in my right luing when all this was going on and it was 7mm wide and when i went back 3 months later to get it checked see how much more it had grown because i could have been cancer turns out it had shrunk not grown to 3mm and my lung specialist asked where i had got medication to help with this nodule wanted to know which doctor had prescribed me stuff and apart from the infection specialists 3 i had nothing else from any doctor but i did tell him i’d been trying with the herbs and he sid don’t know what you are doing but it is working and i must admit i feel a lot better today than i did 3 years ago i cried everyday for the first 3 months it was the most painful thing i had evercome across and most strategic illness to, I have just after researching them for a few weeks ordered to more herbs, oe is called worm wood and has had very good results with various worms and parasites and also has had good results i am not a doctor i am just showing yoy what is working for me and i do feel i am not far of beating this awful illness and just wanted to give you ideas on how to help yourself our doctors are useless with parasites most of them have no idea about them and so instead of admitting tey do not know they would sooner tell you it’s your mental health mine did it with me and was a big mistake for him because i went mad at him and told him do not put your shortcomings on to me and tell me i am feeling something that is not there it made me really ill and whats more i can feel it i said i’d report him and how dare he brush me off that way because he did not know but he left my mental health alone but getting any treatment off him was futile so this is why i went on my own journey i wish you luck and hope my advi9ce helps you somewhat and if you manged to get rid of it ten i am very happy for you but can you tell me what you did to make it go away….last thing someone said they killed theirs on a sunbed but i’m 54yrs old and not well enough be climbing on and off somebeds…lol..good luck :)

    2. Morgellons support group on FB, Morgellons science and protocol. You’ll find so much help there! I am on fenbendazole and Steve’s Salves. Game changer! These bastards will die! It will take at least a year but it can happen!

  4. I believe this is what I have I am miserable it’s about took my sanity I live and breathe it. I’ve lost everything and everyone I loved. I’ve been to 15 different doctors but they say crazy. Please give me some pointers.

    1. It looks to me like strongyloids. Human or the peladora one. I wish I knew what it was I have exactly. It’s misery, scary, and ceaseless day and night all over my head face neck and scalp not just my body. I think it’s coming from my scalp and has dropped and migrated all over.

      1. I’ve experienced the same symptoms since 2018..Dr’s tell me I have psychosis..I feel like this has covered my body and its coming from my scalp and hair strands

  5. I’ve had morgellons for a year and a half. I first tried peanut butter all over to get rid of the creepy crawlers. Then I use ivory soap in shower and I have a spray of rubbing alcohol hydrogen peroxide and listerene a little iodine as well. I spray all over let sit and then power wash ( I took the shower head off the detachable hose) and place my thumb over the top and spray as hard as I can especially my hair and down to the tippy toes. Then I dial soap bar lather with the ivory bar and follow with hydrochloronic acid body wash by oil of Olay. Then power wash . Sometimes I will use a lime all over and or aloe quite a bit. Lime and lemons help with biofilm also aloe helps with that as well . Power wash and after getting out I don’t use a towel I blow dry from the bottom up till completely dry. I use gold bond foot powder all over and put on my silky robe lay in my fresh crisp clean white sheets and get a good night’s rest by putting on DNA repairing 100 Hz music in my headphones. And do some deep breathing.
    Mothballs in a closed container with your dirty laundry helps kill the fuzzies and dryer with bounce dryer sheets. I clean almost everything with lemon or lime water added some dish soap. And for times when my hand or ankle became infected I put magnets on each side attracting sides facing one on top one on bottom of ankle and move in a circular motion to my ankle got hot . As this kills the organism from within. I now have very few symptoms of itching. Spray with alcohol and water or alcohol if u can handle the slight burn for a second this kills it. My morgellons came from a lot of different things just depended on my environment. And the more cautious I became about getting rid of the visible fibers by vacuuming EVERYTHING ! The more comfortable I became. I actually have time to plan a day and function. My family is about 50 50 when it comes to my explanation to what this is. Mostly I blog on Praying daily for the health of everyone here.

  6. I have found a few things that help and am using them all either daily or intermittently. I too have been very disappointed by the medical community and have found the following items either through research or trial and error. Please know that I am a forensic financial examiner and have had no medical training. I am determined to rid my body of this plight.
    I have had this parasite for approximately 3 years and between this and Vivid at the same time thought many times that I wasn’t going to live through it determined to get rid of this, I have pared down what has been meaningful to me:

    I take many vitamins and supplements:
    Extra : B, C, D, E, Zinc
    Fish Oil with DHA etc.

    Milk Thistle

    I have been taking the following everyday for the last month with a great deal of water and i see a big difference in my skin and energy level:

    A liver cleanser called Silymarin
    An intestine cleaner called Intestine Pro
    Fiber in a tablet and Metamucil


    I purchased Ivermectin in liquid form to put on the skin. The one I bought is for cattle and I use half of what is recommended for my weight (or what they recommend per 22 lbs of body weight x 1/2). It is available online. I use it on my two dogs cautiously as well. I also put this in water that I mop with and have been cleaning the walls and floors with it.

    I found a “bed bug killer with essential oils” made by Ortho labeled Home Defense Bed Bug Killer, safe for use around kids and pets. It helps to clear up leisons on my skin and I use it intermittently and on different days than the Ivermectin.

    I bought black soap from Africa and Neem shampoo, both of which battle parasites.

    I make a mix of organic non filtered apple cider vinegar, honey, turmeric and curcumin and try to drink a tablespoon full a day. It tastes so bad that it is sometimes hard to face

    I buy Tide laundry detergent that is the new “Hygienic” version that disinfects laundry and I use it with every load.

    I also use unfiltered cap pls cider vinegar and magnesium laden bath salts in the bath to sooth my skin. I use hydrogen peroxide at times as well in the bath and on leisons. Antibiotic cream with pain relief is a product I keep by my bed for my skin when needed.

    In addition, I eat a few raw vegetables and with Marzetti Ranch vegetable dip enjoy them. I can tell that they work as a cleanser: carrots, snap peas, broccoli and cauliflower are the ones I buy but I’m certain there are others that would do the same.

    Please excuse the listing of name brands but I wanted to share what I have found in my search. After believing only a few months ago and for quite a while that I was going to die from this, I feel like I’m winning the fight and feel like I am operating at perhaps 95%. Time will tell. I adopted my 2 year old grandson due to the passing of my daughter and I think he needs me.

    Final note: As I mentioned earlier, I am a fraud examiner and not a medical professional so if you want to try any of this, I’d advise that you read and research the items mentioned before you try them.

  7. So I’ve been dealing with these things right under 10years and I have definitely noticed it’s definitely worse with sugars and any stimulate,real strong stimulates cause them to come out of the body and crawl around and yes it feels like a pocket of hot air running across ur skin, And I found if your legs start swelling up and you start just pulling at where ever u feel them at the swelling goes down immediately!!! I usually cut them off with clippers it gets tiring because there is millions but they fall to the ground I vacuum them up and keep doing until I’m satisfied, try it , it definitely helps with the pressure for sure!!! God bless

  8. I have had this for 5 years and have documented it with tons on pictures for evidence. I do believe this is a parasite as I have many symptoms. This creature is everywhere in my body mainly in the epidermis and where there are hair follicles. It is transparent but with certain lighting you can see it and it appears to have a red and green eye. When it becomes an adult it starts to show color dark blues and greens. It is very hard to get this creature out of the skin without damaging it. I have only done it a few times and it has an insect looking head and big eyes like a praymantis. It’s very tiny but it’s everywhere in my body. Salt baths with de help me when they get out of control but I can’t get rid of them and have had no luck with doctors at all except for a positive nematode test I independently paid for to get answers. Unfortunately it was not an adult or egg stage so it couldn’t be identified completely. I am tired of it as it had completely affected my life. I do believe it is a filariasis parasite as I now have lipedema in my legs. Best of luck to all who are dealing with this.

    1. This all sounds so familiar, However DR. Do not get adequate training in parasites & often Trying to push patients to physiologist.That is the most frustrating part When the real parasite that they can’t I’d Is the cause of stress Itself. And they can’t be bothered to research it or refer patients.

    2. This all sounds so familiar, However DR. Do not get adequate training in parasites & often Trying to push patients to physiologist.That is the most frustrating part When the real parasite that they can’t I’d Is the cause of stress Itself. And they can’t be bothered to research it or refer patients.

  9. As I stated in my previous post I have had mori for 6 to 7 years. I would now like to let you all know what works for me, and give you some tips that may or may help you manage your symptoms. First and most important is your mind set. You must not let it take over your life. When something does that it then can control your thoughts ? and actions, not to mention your emotions. One should never let anyone or anything have that much control over them. Stay in control and focused. That is most important because you will need a clear mind to make the right choices in how to go about combating this. There are a lot of people that have place a lot of information on websites about what is good to take and use for this. Having a clear mind you will know not to just jump into it without researching it first. The problem with this disease is that when people first get it they get frightened and are willing to do or try anything to get rid of it, and that can cause more harm than good. There is no fast cure for this, so slow down, this is not going to be a sprint, it’s a marathon as anyone who has had morgellons for as long as I have would tell you. Second, don’t get freaked out by what you begin to experience. This is true for you people that are new to this. What will help you is to read what others have posted about their symptoms. This not to freak you out, no it is to prepare you for the experience. And believe me when I tell you your in for one. I can tell you that mostly everything I have seen on the internet covering the symptoms are true. I have experienced a lot of them, and let me tell you the weirder the symptoms you read on the internet are, the likely they are to be true. You have to see for yourself. I will no go into them because I have learned that not everyone will have the same symptoms. Take me for instance, have a very mild case of it. There are others who have a more severe case of it. In the case of what diminishes my symptoms there are things that work and things that don’t. I will tell about what works. For my hands when I feel the things crawling in them, I use mineral oil. This causes the small black objects to come up and out of my hands. You can then take a wash cloth and wipe them off. You may have to apply. Several times as once may not get all of them. For the body I take a bath with baking soda. The water should be as hot as you can stand it. As to how much baking soda is a point that is debatable. I try and use as much as I can with out using the whole box. What this does is draw out the objects from your skin. You should see some dark particles in the bath water, along with a thick or thin cloudy like substance in it also. You can also use borox or a mixture of both works the same. The next trick I use is hands down the best out all of them and is the hardest to pull off, it really works. Let me tell you it stopped all my symptoms for a month. I had no problems and I know this is gonna be just as hard for most of you to do as it was for me to do, but if you want to stop all the symptoms you are going through this may or may not work for you. Ready for it. I can see you biting at the chops for it. And without further ado, drum roll please. Diet!!! That’s right, the key is your diet. I stopped all red meat and processed sugars. It worked. It stopped all of the symptoms so much I thought I didn’t have it any more. Boy was I wrong. Listen to me you can’t get rid of this even these steps. With the diet you can only get a respite from it. I don’t know ? for how long because I had to my sweets and meats, so I stopped the diet and they came back. Have any of you tried cutting out red meat and sugar. Believe me it is hard. In my case it did stop all the symptoms. And with that remember I love you ? all and God bless

  10. I’m so relieved to have found this thread. On Feb 28th the life I once knew disappeared.
    In 7 weeks my entire world has been destroyed and devestated. I have the same symptoms and can relate to EVERY single post. I’m beyond frustrated, and at a loss trying to grasp the concept and understand my new reality. There are a few other symptoms and some treatments I’d like to try. But I’d love if we could band together to brainstorm, share our experiences and support one another through this extremely terrible sci-fi movie that is now my life. I’ve had to resign from my job (I’m a hairstylist. A 16yr career gone because of bobbing hairs.) I struggle with staying hydrated and eating anything in my home. As it gets into everything and I really just don’t understand how. Showers are still really tough for me as well and send me into a panic attack at the thought of having to wash my hair. I am a single income and live alone with my cat who is also suffering from this. I’m still searching for ways to help her find relief. I’ve got several ideas and some trial and error things recorded. Some with success.
    Please reach out to me on Instagram if you can – since this site will not allow the email to be shown. From there, we can create a group chat of some sort to cope and navigate our way through this. You can reach me on IG at in your request message please let me know or mention parasite so that I know it isn’t spam. You can also find me on Quora: Jessica Casteel and Reddit u/lafiastarr
    I hope to hear from you all. I have some questions, some other symptons, treatment ideas and I generally need support. I’m doing this alone. Friends and Family have faded away as they can’t understand whats happening to me and my environment.

    1. I have been dealing with this or 5 years and I’ve lost just about everything and everybody too. Many people are giving up on life and two have just died from being talked into radiation therapy. God rest there strong and determined souls. They gave thei lives to see I this would help them and at least we woul know what NOT to do I it didn’t.
      Contact me at dc****@gm***.com
      Ie been researching or every moment I e had this and I got some ideas to share.

      1. I emailed you. I think I’ve come to a positive, definitive conclusion and would like to compare notes and discuss some things. I hope to hear from you

        (Or anyone else that would like to contribute or needs to talk with someone going through the same thing.


    2. I was wondering how you were feeling and if your symptoms improved at all. I too am suffering horribly. Honestly I don’t know how much longer I can go on. It’s completely taken over my body and everything I own. Please contact me. 443-530-4301 ~Jen

  11. I had this for about 6 to 7 years, and have tried everything I have come across and I hate to say it, but nothing works. When you look online you will find someone saying they are close to a brake through, or they think they are about to be done with. What I have yet to find is anyone to say they did it. So to you new comers to morgi I am here to offer you some coping tactics. First and for most in regards to your homes, all attempts at cleaning to get rid of it do not work. This because the infection is in you and in fact you are the reason your home is infested. When you clean it is like that old saying, you treat the symptoms and not the cause. Cleaning may cut the number down, but these things multiply at a rate you wouldn’t believe. You wouldn’t make a dent in them. That’s what I found out. Second for those of you I see in panic mode, slow down, take a deep breath. One important thing I want you ? to remember, you are still alive. This means is that there is still a chance the medical field may get off their thumbs and something about morgi in our lifetime, but don’t count on it. The sad thing is when something like this comes along the alpha group, of which we are usually dies off before a cure is available, like in the case of HIV. However unlike Aids, a person can live a long time with morgi. So catch your breath ? and lets stay focus and concentrate on the real problem at hand, the medical community and their lack of motivation on this front. I want you all to look at this and come to understand one thing it’s not going to go away at this, and that’s that’s as they say. Now I know for some of you that’s easier said then done due to the fact that there are various levels of the disease, I would encourage you what ever levels you are at to keep fighting and don’t give up. Third fact. Find what works for you ?. The truth is the only thing you are going to be able to do at this point is just ease the symptoms. I found everyone is different and different things work for different people. Some use different types of oil like tea tree, while others take bath in baking soda. I would advise you to stay far away from the more toxic forms of treatment that are harmful. So what did we learn today children. First and for most don’t panic, stay calm its going to be with for a time, and most of you are not in danger of dying. Notice I didn’t all. That is because I don’t everyone’s situation. Second don’t give up. Third cleaning is futile and lastly find what works for you. And that folks is my formula for living with this. Acceptance, knowledge stay informed on the subject at all times and don’t give in to things that don’t sound right. With that, I love you all, and God bless you always.

  12. I have had yhis for two years ive lost eveeything and now i am dying i stoll canmot get help ..ease tell me you foumd the cure for tjis strange parasite that gets in everything icaught it from a hair peice made in china they were sewn into the hair peice terroristic im sure …everyone i know in my area has it and all the hoyels are highly infected .. i cant go anywhere amymore i even had these hair like worms in a meal at non ebans onbioisly the cook was imfested too .people are dying and im aftaid i won fimd amswers umtil postortem ..please help me i jave all same symptoms i know this thing very well and i am sane and not on druhs either i havebevone enemiv my liver and kidneys are failing ..i thougy it ro ne a creeping mematode which tjere is no cure for what should i take to kill it ??

  13. Do yourself a favor. Once you’ve got a grasp on the colorlessness of this parasite, and have had the opportunity to witness the how cold the medical industry is when you mention “parasite” (as these are absolutely essential to understand what you get out of this next step) go look at some cancer biopsies and organs from these legitimate schools and organisations. Brain, skin, lung. Hell, go to usb microscope images on imgur. You’re answers are hiding in plain sight. Fuck the health care system. Have a blessed day

  14. I have had this for about a year and a half. The pictures posted in article are exactly what I have. Is all over me and deep. I pull out the fake hairs and another couple come out immediately. I have pulled the hairs out for an hour or more from the same little spot!! The leave a blue residue on things sometimes. I am saturated in them and now they are taking over my house. I am about to give up. These things melt into the wood floors!! What’s worse. They have left pit marks in porcelain sink and a stainless steel sink faucet. They infest food before I can put it away. I don’t know what it is but they are smart and sneaky and can bore into ANYTHING!! It’s so frightening to know something like that is in every square inch of my body. I have take a round of Praziquantel and supposed take another round on 1/1/22 but I don’t think it helped and I thought I was gonna croak. If anyone can help or wants to talk my email is [email address automatically deleted]. Please contact me just to talk if want.

  15. I’ve been dealing with this for a very long time it is a parasite I’m not sure exactly which parasite I have learned a lot about parasites I watched the whole series of videos of parasites Without Borders from the professors at Cambridge University I was thinking ovolvuse and domotex but I just come across a study done in 2017 and pretty sure that this is what it is you can go download the whole PDF file of the study please let me know and this helps you it has possible cures and what didn’t work in the study the CDC and the doctors need to get on top of this s*** because this is not a neglected tropical disease I live in Kentucky and I don’t leave here and I have it

    Human lagochilascariasis—A rare helminthic
    Dulcinea Maria Barbosa Campos1
    *, Alverne Passos Barbosa2
    , Jayrson Arau´jo
    de Oliveira3
    , Giovana Galvão Tavares1
    , Pedro Vitor Lemos Cravo1,2,4, Alejandro
    Luquetti Ostermayer2
    1 Programa de Po´s-Graduac¸ão em Sociedade Tecnologia e Meio Ambiente e Curso de Farma´cia, Centro
    Universita´rio de Ana´polis–UniEVANGE´ LICA, Ana´polis, Goia´s, Brazil, 2 Instituto de Patologia Tropical e
    Sau´de Pu´blica, Universidade Federal de Goia´s, Goiaˆnia, Goia´s, Brazil, 3 Instituto de Ciências Biolo´gicas,
    Universidade Federal de Goia´s, Goiaˆnia, Goia´s, Brazil, 4 Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical,
    Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
    * du**************@gm***.com
    Lagochilascariasis is a parasitic disease caused by a helminth of the order Ascaroidea,
    genus Lagochilascaris that comprises 6 species, among which only Lagochilascaris minor
    Leiper, 1909, is implicated in the human form of the disease. It is remarkable that the major-
    ity of cases of human lagochilascariasis in the Americas have been reported in Brazil. The
    natural definitive hosts of this parasite seem to be wild felines and canines. Lagochilascaria-
    sis is mostly a chronic human disease that can persist for several years, in which the para-
    site burrows into the subcutaneous tissues of the neck, paranasal sinuses, and mastoid. L.
    minor exhibits remarkable ability to migrate through the tissues of its hosts, destroying even
    bone tissue. Fatal cases have been described in which the parasite was found in the lungs
    or central nervous system. Treatment is often palliative, with recurrence of lesions. This
    paper summarizes the main features of the disease and its etiologic agent, including preva-
    lence, life cycle, clinical course, and treatment.
    Robert T. Leiper, 1909, a helminthologist at the London School of Tropical Medicine and
    Hygiene who received specimens of a Nematoda recovered from subcutaneous abscesses of 2
    patients from Trinidad (off the coast of South America), was the first to describe Lagochilas-
    caris minor. At that time, the digestive tract of a carnivore was suggested as the probable
    habitat for L. minor. He proposed that the finding of parasites in subcutaneous abscesses in
    humans from Trinidad was remarkable evidence that an animal, other than a human, could
    be the definitive host for this helminth [1]. Since then, more than 100 cases of purulent
    abscesses in humans have been reported in different countries in the Americas. L. minor has
    been found in subcutaneous abscesses in the cervical region [1–5], mastoid [4–9], rhino-oro-
    pharynx [4,5,9,10], tonsils [4,5,11,12], auditory meatus [4,5,10,13], nasal sinuses [9,13–15],
    lungs [4,5,16], central nervous system [6,13,17], sacral region [4], eyes [10,18], and dental alve-
    oli [5,9,19] of humans. Different stages of the life cycle (eggs, larvae, and adult worm) have alsobeen found [5,14,20,21]. It is remarkable that all these organs differ from the digestive tract,
    the normal habitat of all other ascarides. Corroborating Leiper’s, 1909, assumption, a wild
    felid, Puma concolor, naturally infected by L. minor was recently found in Mexico [22].
    A literature review on the subject was conducted, using publications from this group and
    other scientific articles published in indexed journals in the Latin American and Caribbean
    Health Sciences database (LILACS), Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), and Index
    Medicus (MEDLINE). The authors of this manuscript did not participate in any clinical activ-
    ity involving humans. Human involvement was limited to the contribution of parasitological
    diagnosis in case reports, whose photographs were authorized by the patients. From the stand-
    point of experiments using animals, based on Brazil’s Federal Law No. 11,794 of 8 October
    2008, the projects of this group were carried according to the protocol approved by the Ethics
    Committee on Animal and Human Medical Research of the Clinical Hospital at the Federal
    University of Goia´s and, subsequently, by the Ethics Committee on Animal Use (CEUA) of
    the Federal University of Goia´s, which is subordinate to the National Council for the Control
    of Animal Experimentation (CONCEA).
    Geographical distribution and prevalence
    Human lagochilascariasis has been recorded in Trinidad and Tobago [1,2,18,23], Surinam
    [14,20,24,25], Mexico [9,26], Costa Rica [27], Venezuela [6,15,28], Colombia [11,12], Bolivia
    [29], Ecuador [30], Paraguay [7], Brazil [3–5,10,13,16,21,31–35] and Peru [36] (Fig 1). As for
    its geographic distribution by country, the highest concentration is found in Brazil, represent-
    ing 78.1% (100/128) of the total number of cases reported in the literature [36]. Among the
    cases in Brazil, the majority (60%, 60/100) were recorded in the state of Para´, followed by Ron-
    doˆnia, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Acre, Roraima, São Paulo, and Parana´ (Fig 1). It should be
    noted that only 1 case of human lagochilascariasis has been recorded in each of the following
    states: Maranhão, Para?´ba, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Goia´s [36].
    The disease in humans
    Lagochilascariasis in humans is often misdiagnosed as an abscess of common causes, mainly
    of bacterial etiology. It presents more often as a subcutaneous abscess on the neck (Fig 2), mid-
    dle ear (Fig 3), mastoid, tonsils, and nasal sinuses, which physicians in countries in the Neo-
    tropical region should check.
    Other common localizations of the parasite are the central nervous system, lungs, sacral
    region, eyeballs, and dental alveoli [21,34,35]. Usually, the patient seeks medical help after sev-
    eral days of discomfort and is examined by several physicians, showing poor response to anti-
    biotics [9]. The lesion usually evolves slowly over weeks or months. Some patients report the
    formation of a tumor in the neck, initially small, without fistula and with no pain [4,5,21,35].
    As the disease progresses, the tumorous lesion becomes painful, with or without spontaneous
    fistula, with drainage of a serous purulent exudate, generally containing small whitish worms,
    eggs, and larvae [4,5,21,35]. The size of the tumorous lesion may vary from 5 to 12 cm and is
    usually found in the cervical region, with the aspect of a pseudocyst, nodule, or abscess [8,37].
    It is usually a painful lesion with a hard consistency and undefined limits. The migration of the
    parasite through the host’s tissues originates secondary lesions that can be located close to or
    very far from the initial abscess [4,5].
    In lagochilascariasis, both symptoms and magnitude of the disease depend upon the loca-
    tion of the parasite, the parasite load, and certainly the immune response by the host, who maybe able to control the pathogenic processes, as well as limit the establishment of new lesions
    Some reports refer to chronic abscesses of the auditory meatus (with purulent exudate for
    1 or 2 years) and painful tumor in the mastoid [7,9], which may progress to neurological
    involvement [13,17]. Otalgia and purulent otorrhea have been recorded. Otoscopy in the right
    ear shows retroauricular swelling, polyps in the external ear canal, and fistula with drainage of
    pus [38]. In cases of otitis and mastoiditis, the X-ray examination shows extensive areas of
    osteolysis in the mastoid region [13]. The osteolytic capacity of this parasite has also been
    reported in the destructive lesion of the sacral bone, as well as of the 4th and 5th lumbar verte-
    brae and soft tissues adjacent to the sacrum [4]. In other cases, lesions in the middle ear and
    mastoid extend to the base of the skull, evolving into extradural abscesses and instances of
    neck stiffness. The preceding phase may be characterized by a history of ear drumming,
    intense headache with the pain radiating to the hemiface, and, finally, elimination of worms
    through the oral cavity [13,32]. Other authors have reported finding only 1 nodule with fistulain the neck in patients at the time of diagnosis and elimination of the adult worms through the
    oral cavity and auditory meatus a few months later [4,5,11].
    Neurological involvement due to L. minor infection may develop in the absence of lesions
    in the neck, with clinical manifestations such as seizures, headache, paresthesia, motor alter-
    ations, cerebellar ataxia, and mental confusion [17]. Vomiting, papilledema, and facial paraly-
    sis have been described as well [13]. A fatal case of encephalopathy due to L. minor with a
    subacute, progressive disease characterized by headache, stupor, and coma has been reported
    [17]. In this patient, death occurred 3 months after the beginning of the illness. Neuropatho-
    logical examination revealed diffuse foci of necrosis of the cerebral hemispheres and cerebel-
    lum and presence of the nematode in the parenchyma and in the cisterns at the base of the
    brain [17].
    Bilateral bronchopneumonia, with hundreds of abscesses measuring 2–5 mm scattered
    throughout the pulmonary parenchyma, has been reported [16]. Microscopically, in lungs, in
    each low-power field, at least 1 abscess was visible, the majority of them containing fourth
    stage larvae, young adults, or mature adult worms. In addition to the unusualness of its loca-
    tion in the lungs, all the evolutionary stages of the worm were found in the affected organ, i.e.,
    eggs, larvae, and adult worms [16], a fact that characterizes the autoinfecting cycle of the para-
    site. There are reports of pneumonia occurring with fever and dyspnea, which progressed tocyanosis, respiratory insufficiency, and death less than 3 months after the onset of symptoms
    Chronic tonsillitis occurring with the sensation of worms moving through the throat, elimi-
    nation of worms through the mouth, sensation of ingesting worms, headache, hearing loss,
    and overall debility have been observed in infections of tonsils and the middle ear [11].
    An important clinical issue is the distinction between otitis, mastoiditis, sinusitis, and ton-
    sillitis caused by L. minor infection and other related diseases. Clinicians, particularly otorhi-
    nolaryngologists and neurologists, working in Neotropical regions should be attentive to
    information about the discharge of adult worms through nasal sinuses, mouth, or auditory
    meatus [5]. The proteolytic enzymes in L. minor can facilitate its migration through the host’s
    tissues by hydrolyzing collagens of the extracellular matrix [39].
    The life cycle
    An experimental model involving mice and domestic cats was described in an attempt to
    unravel the life cycle of L. minor [21,40]. Mice act as intermediate hosts and domestic cats as
    definitive hosts of this helminth [21,40]. In that study, eggs recovered from human lesions
    were stored in 1% formaldehyde at room temperature (20–33?C) for a period of approximately
    30 days in order to obtain the third stage (infecting stage) larvae [21,34,41,42].
    In the intermediate host (mouse) orally inoculated with infecting eggs, larvae hatched in
    the later part of the small intestine and cecum 4 to 6 hours after infection [21,40–42] (Fig 4).
    Approximately 6 h after inoculation, early third stage larvae were first observed passing
    through the mucosa in distal portions of the small intestine and cecal mucosa (Fig 5Following the hatching period, larvae were found inside lymphatic vessels and the hepatic
    portal vein, reaching the hepatic parenchyma (Fig 6) and lungs in 24–48 hours [21,40–42].
    After migration, larvae encyst in skeletal muscles and subcutaneous tissues [21,40–42] (Fig
    7). Nodules were distributed irregularly in the muscles of the cervical, thoracic, abdominal,
    lumbar, axillary, and paw regions of the mice [21,41]. Encysted larvae were also found in the
    liver, lungs, and heart. Adult worms may also sometimes be found inside nodules of experi-
    mentally inoculated mice [41].
    When cats (definitive hosts) ingest infecting eggs per os, the parasites do not reach sexual
    maturity [21,34,40,41]. However, when cats are fed with mouse carcasses infected with third
    stage larvae, larval hatching from cysts occurs in the stomach [21,34,40]. After hatching, larvae
    migrate to upper regions of the digestive tract, reaching the adult stage in tissues of rhino and
    oropharynx (tonsils and soft palate, including unilateral or bilateral lesions), nasal sinuses,
    middle ear, mastoid, cervical lymph nodes, lungs, and brain [21,34,40]. After 3 hours of inocu-
    lation, third stage larvae are found almost exclusively in the stomach, although some have alsobeen found in the esophagus, rhino, and oropharynx [21]. At 6 hours post-inoculation, third
    stage larvae are predominately found in tissues of rhino and oropharynx, and only a few larvae
    are left in the stomach. Moreover, fourth stage larvae are observed from 2 to 8 days, while
    adult worms can be seen from 9 to 20 days post-inoculation. Both the 3rd and 4th ecdysis can
    occur in any of the above-mentioned locations but not the stomach [21] (Fig 8). The outcome
    of experimental infection in cats is the formation of tumorous masses and tunnels through dif-
    ferent tissues of the host as a result of L. minor migration. Eggs can be found either directly in
    the lesions or in the host’s feces when abscesses in rhino or oropharynx fistulate towards the
    digestive tract lumen [21,33,34,40]. The occurrence of autoinfecting cycles has been reported
    in both humans [4–6,16,21,33] and cats [4,21,35]. Eggs, mostly embryonated third stage larvae,
    and various developmental stages of the worm were found in cervical nodules of a patient
    from Paragominas (PA, Brazil), thus proving the existence of human autoinfection [33]. The
    finding of these evolutive stages confirms the ability of L. minor to reproduce in human tissues
    (autoinfection) and provides an explanation for the long duration of the infection in humans

  16. I have only been dealing with this for about 4-5mounths I thought I was going crazy ! At first no one believed me my doctor told. Me I was mental. My husband also has them all though his symptoms are way more mild than mine anyway he went to the doctor they actually cut one out if him and sent it in they said it came back as his skin cells .I finally got them to run a few test everything came back NORMAL RANGE I’m at a loss I am mentally emotionally and physically drained if anyone has any answers or advice PLEASE HELP because none of the doctors will take me seriously I am desperate!!!!

  17. I’d like to share photos that I have when I’m having a break out ..I know you can’t determine my condition but know and believe what can happen to a human when infected with the “unknown”..

  18. OMG!!! My daughter thinks I am a mental case with my phone magnifier. I too have this hair like thing. Black dots, itching like crazy on scalp, sores on scalp, I continuously comb with metal lice comb and sometimes get white balls/eggs? At first I thought it was lice, but I see little black rolls of What appears to be hair. I vacuum with shop across and get sheets where I KNOW nothing is there and see brown little bugs, hair like things but under magnifier are clearly not hair, and the jet black rolls, sometimes I will see blue ones! This is FREAKING ME OUT!!! I do have a history of drug abuse but am not on drugs now. Thankfully I have found others going through same thing.

    1. I’m experiencing the same thing. I was originally treated for multiple deer tick bites in Spring of 2022. I was covered with bites but because I was unable to get to a doctor right away he only found 2 embedded ticks and I was given doxycycline because of a previous diagnosis of Lyme in 2019. The lesions worsened and spread from my arms, legs and buttocks to my face and hands. I also noticed my scalp was itchy and erupting with scabby lesions as well. I was then diagnosed with scabies at my family doctor and given permathrin for myself and my family members. My children had no symptoms and my partner only had red bumps and didn’t believe me. It seemed to improve but then worsened after spending a few nights with him at the home we had previously shared so I assumed that I had gotten them back from him. I was told that I was most likely having a more extreme reaction because of a previously diagnosed allergy to dust mites. Since then I have noticed some things appear to resemble the scabies mite in various stages but other times I find things that look exactly as you described, even the bluish colored fuzz balls (egg sacs?) I find the black bug like larvae to resemble pictures of springtales or body lice but no one parasite explains the various things on me or the typical symptoms. I have tried permathrin cream multiple times alone and in combination with Spinosad shampoo for lice. Most recently I was given a dose of oral Ivermectin and more permathrin cream with no luck. I have also tried various home remedies. I have found the following regimen most effective but not a cure:
      After showering I spray myself with a solution of vlnegar, water, the tree oil,clove oil, Neem oil,geranium oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil. After it dries I apply an oil with the same oils in either a coconut or mineral oil based. This is where it gets interesting. As I’m applying the oil I feel tiny granules that are black and this when I first began to notice the black hairy lice like bugs and round hairy balls. Some of the bugs have a greenish blue color to them as well. It seems the spray brings them to the surface and then I can feel them when applying the oil. I have used my video to take 8x pictures with a bright light and while doing this noticed that sometimes the light catches reflective spots that I can only describe as eyes and they seem to pulse on the video. I am dealing with an abusive ex that has tried to make people close to me believe that I’m either crazy or have “meth” bugs which is ridiculous and completely untrue. I have been trying to keep myself quarantined from my children and myom even though I’m not sure she even takes it seriously. I was staying in the previous house for a couple weeks while waiting for an appointment and doing my best to treat at home. The home has a serious mouse problem and birds nesting in the eaves as well as critter that can be heard in the attic crawl space. I started to think maybe I have more than one parasite at this point. It would seem logical that your immunity would take a hit after months of having any parasite and leave you susceptible to other kinds that most people would be able to fight against. I could not take being a way from my children for Christmas so I treated myself with the Ivermectin and permathrin and came to my mom’s on Christmas Eve. I have tried to isolate myself to using the spare bathroom and notice that every day I am shedding these things everywhere. I don’t leave the bathroom unless I am showered and fully covered in clean clothes. I sleep zipped up in a sleeping bag on the floor in the living room. My 9 yr. old sleeps on the sofa to be close to me. God love him. He is the one person other than my 17 yr. old son that has actually taken the time to listen and look at the pictures and they both agreed that clearly it is SOME kind of mite or parasitic bug. I am desperate to get a diagnosis because I am so concerned that I will infect others and I want so badly to just hug my kids and not feel like a diseased outcast. I spent the last two days on the phone with my insurance, family doctors and so on trying to get an infectious disease doctor to see me. At this point, I’m scheduled to see a Dermotologist on Jan. 3rdand then follow up at my family doctor on the 5th. I do feel my family doctor believes me but I’m concerned that he is not familiar with all the other possible parasites that are rarely discussed. I’m hopeful that the dermotologist will be able to shed light on what it is or refer me to a parasitic disease specialist if necessary. I will keep you updated on anything new I find out.
      Chris from Pennsylvania

      1. Hi Chris my name is Tiffany and your story was the closest to my story so i hope u dont mind my share….Everyone including many docs, a dermatologist, friends and family have dismissed, made fun of me and called me crazy. No one will listen or even really take me serious and i feel hopeless to say the least. Its like my head/hair is alive with many odd looking bugs or parasites that move and are different from each other. I have these longe stiff white looking hairs that grow and move all over and then i have purplish, redish blackish ones that even look like they have eyes and whitish ones too. For a while it feels like it all calms down and i think oh good maybe some medication or new course of action it making it go away bit then with fury like this is taking vengeance it all takes over my scalp and other parts of my body and everything i have tried seems to piss off this infestation of unkown creatures which btw makes me feel even more like i cant be honest about what im going through. I cry alot because im 46 and i know if this has no solution i wont ever be able to have a relationship with anyone and i will never have normal and i will never live life like i want or should. I have alot of video and pix too i labeled it my living nightmare. At least finding this feed gave me the hope that people are stronger in # in the early 1900’s no one believed there was any man eating creatures in the sea and they bathed and basked in the water until a great white devoured the first human on record. Whatever this its real and its real weird but if enough people are brave enough to keep talking about maybe we will be heard, validated and helped. Thank you for speaking up it helped me to not give up.

  19. Hi can somebody send ne pics and info about their horsehair worm issues. I believe I have them. Not even sure I’d the top of my head has real hair or not. It’s so bizarre
    My crow n of my head went nearly bald last winter and then it started. I’d see irradecent or liver flakes then tiny white squiggly hairline things and now hair u s out if control. I have a ton of footage. Please someone get back to me.

  20. Please I need an update and hopefully a cure. I have these parasites in my hair and on the rest of my body. I’ve got bald spots. My skin is horrible with the black spots. I’ve been dealing with it for a year and a half. Please help me.

  21. This is some type of a parasite whether it be a might I don’t know but it is a parasite. Because when I start feeling my hair on my head moving I’ll grab the spot and pull a few strands of hair out and put it on a white piece of paper and the hair itself starts to move and twitch by itself something is moving my hair there’s no fans there’s no air going it’s it’s a parasite and when I get my microscopic magnifier and put it to my hair I see clear translucent and black tiny little threads that are very very small but they are all over my hair and little white specks and black specks all through my hair but can only be seen with my microscope attachment for my phone. I know when I rub aloe vera gel on my face and then I rub firmly my skin these hard things come off but it seems like some kind of casing that this worm type thing creates because when I look at it with my microscope there is a black thread in the middle of all of these things that come off of me. I’ll scrub my skin with aloe vera gel and hand sanitizer I’m in the shower in my bathtub will have all these but look like a little black things floating in the water but when I get them and put them on a piece of tissue paper and look at them under the microscope they’re not black they’re kind of brown it’s some kind of a brown wad of substance of some sort and it has always a black worm type thing in the middle of it that is hard and stiff and they poke and they bite like pin pricks. And they move by themselves because for no reason I’ll be sitting there and all the sudden I feel this very strong this is no little feeling it is a strong movement on my eyelashes side of my face and I will rub real hard right there and I will pull off of my face something something that has a black worm in the middle of it. It seems they are clear and translucent when they’re alive and they turn black when they’re dead I have extensive photographs I even have a video of my hair moving all by itself and I have one video of the strand is moving my hair these little strands of what looks like lint. And I have also a video of one of the clear translucent strands seems to be disturbed because I pulled the hair from my head and it separated from the other hair and you can see it moving around and testing the surface of where it’s at and moving over here and over there and tapping it it’s like a worm and it move but I had to buy a very very high powerful microscope attachment for my phone in order to see these things and they produce I don’t know this stuff that I guess they live in on top of your skin and it’s never ending I can scrub my skin in 30 minutes later it is full full of these things again I rub my skin put aloe vera gel and rub my skin and it continues to just come off these these wild tiny little wads like the size of a mustard seed and just come off of me and by the thousands and I get a little relief but sometimes they get aggravated and makes me moving everywhere these things are on the hairs on my leg on my stomach my back on my chest they’re everywhere all over my body but I don’t get sores they’re not causing sores on my body there seem to be on top of my body when I look at my skin close up in the microscope I can see little black specks on the surface of my skin it is the strangest thing that I’ve ever encountered in my life and it doesn’t go away no matter what I do and I have used dog flea shampoo in my hair and left it there for 20 minutes I’ve used vinegar tea tree oil just aggravates them they come off but they’re back in 20 or 30 minutes. And they start getting active every time I eat something they start moving around almost like they know that I’m eating food it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But it is definitely a parasite because mold doesn’t move by itself those fibers of morgellons I don’t know what that is or how that is related to this parasite that we’re dealing with because this parasite clearly moves all by itself it moves my hair all by itself it starts moving down my face by itself and it is not a psychosis and I’m not on drugs it is there I have evidence of it I have pictures and video I went to the doctor too they wanted my stool I gave them some of my stool took them 3 weeks to tell me that I don’t have worms these things are not inside of my body they are on the surface of my skin. I do believe they’re in my pores and it is not demodex. They look like a razor stubble or cactus hair and they’re stiff and they’re pokey and they hurt and it is a parasite most definitely but like I said they hate aloe vera gel so I’m constantly rubbing aloe vera gel on me and pressing firmly and rubbing it off of my skin never-ending constantly constant. They’re in my nose they get to be about a quarter of an inch long and they are thinner than the human strand of hair they’re about a quarter of an inch long at the most and they are thinner than a human strand of hair but they’re very strong cuz they can move their hair but there’s also gritty granules on my skin not all the time it’s a stage that this thing goes through but whatever it is it attaches to hair. Please tell me how I can submit pictures

  22. Hello! I have these same things but I’ve been watching them carefully and here is what I learned.
    No PROFESSIONAL has admitted I have these. Just wanted to get that out there.
    ******I have made appointments at several different Parasitologist but you find out that they are sending you to a Dermatologist first. If the Dermatologist says you have bugs, then they will see you. The problem is that you end up in the same endless circle of let’s try this, let’s try that. I’ve gone along with that for a few months but only ended up with a changed diagnosis of Psoriasis, contact dermatitis, etc.
    I have taken my samples to the centenarian and a tapeworm was present but she wouldn’t tell me anything else without seeing the patient and this is during COVID.

    1. These things hate Hand Sanitizer – rub hand sanitizer where you are being “bit” or being bothered and within a few seconds you will start to feel solid particles. Sometimes these objects may feel sharp. Similar to salt or ground glass. I anyways find something out of my skin to take a picture of. Mine are usually a small black dots, tiny lint types, or thread type.
    2. I believe that these are Springtails and Collembolas. I seem to have a few different types of appearing bugs. I know that I have RATTAIL MAGGOTS. I have a video of it rolling around. These insects turn into Drone Flies. My problem is that I cannot find any life stage pictures that look similar to mine.
    3. All these bugs appear to be inside the hair follicles (all hair) and loosely in my hair. I don’t have anymore. Lol They are probably in my scalp too but I haven’t messed with that. I believe that this is probably the reason they cause the hair to fall out. Being in the hair follicles.
    4. I believe they get covered in the hair, thread, lint, etc because they crawl so slowly and along the ground pulling these items along until they end up being rolled up in it and can’t move anymore.
    5. These also appear to suck human blood and they actually bite to drink human blood. Not sure on this one. I have so many skin sores and these bugs will be on top of the sore where you think it is a scab but you notice that it doesn’t feel like a normal scab. When you use your IPhone Camera (magnified or zoomed into anything above 4:00) you can see several of these bugs. Sometimes they are cuticle made (appears like a thick white substance) and other timers these are black or brown. I had a cuticle one sent to the lab and that is what they said it was. Just my cuticle. Don’t know what all they looked for.
    6. Do not magnify or zoom in too much because only their cells are visible. You only zoom in until you can see the insect perfectly.

    I have been dealing with these for over 3 years and I think I would be farther along with a cure if COVID Hadn’t happened. It’s harder to see my doctors and some have left the area. Small town living so I have had to travel to Cleveland and John Hopkins.

  23. All, visit the website
    I don’t sell or promote those. I thought that I was losing my mind for a long time and finally found some thing that sent me to this website. There are a few different things that could cause this, and those “things” carry and cause morgellons. I had even came across some thing that said morgellons at one point and I kept looking elsewhere because I didn’t think that’s what it was. They don’t always “grow” out of your skin. This website goes over the different causes and sells things that help. The debriding soap is amazing.
    Then, enter your email for the free e-book called, “getting your life back from morgellons and other parasites”. It goes over every single thing. Everything you’ve been experiencing. I hope this helps somebody. I’m currently going through the process of getting rid of them now.

  24. I just came across this website…praise GOD ???I have been very sick & losing all of my waist length hair for last 8 months.four(4) ,ER VISITS…thyroid,stress,divorce,etc. I KNOW I HAVE A PARASITE! have kept all of my samples on slides!!! I NEED HELP ! going through dom.abuse divorce, married for 22 yrs. Got sick a month after I had nerve 2 leave. Will take any advice, gladly!!!!

    1. I have been through 13 years of emotional, psychological and at times physical abuse that became unbearable in the last two years. I reached a breaking point this year and felt like I was physically and mentally falling apart. I was not sleeping or eating much and was experiencing trauma and stress daily and then came this. I was originally diagnosed with scabies but my ex convinced people close to me that I was delusional . My symptoms have worsened and I’m desperate to find out what is on/in my skin. I feel this is something that has been a result of the abuse for several reasons:
      1. Self care goes out the window when you are depressed and traumatized.
      2. If you tend to disassociate during extreme stress you will be less aware of physical discomfort and symptoms.
      3. If you are a victim of gaslighting you will be easily convinced to doubt yourself.
      I am curious your thoughts and if you were able to heal and move on?
      Sincerely, Chris

  25. Sorry to say,but this looks like Morgellons.Ihave it and they have killed my hair and i have only just managed to have somewhat slowed the process.i would suggwst investing in a couple of things. 1.Coconut oil, i put it in my hair every other day but rotate with Neems hair oil leave it in all day if you can. #2. organic Tea Tree oil shampoo and conditoners,as well as Tea Tree oil. add about 10- drops to shampoo leave on for at least 10 mins.while im waiting to rinse i use Tea Tree oil body wash and add straight oil as well. i use AUSSIE conditoner with JOJOBA,as well as aussies leave in conditioner spray and their curls youself a thin tooth comb or a lice come a brush will just devistate you with all the hair you loose..i do mine upside down over the sink at least 5-10 times a day.. also borax for laundry and add to bath with apple cider vin and baking soda.go see a doc ,do not mention the Morgellons word,it may be derma mites or bird mite either way these are natreual so you will be maintianing anyway till you get a diagnosis. also test for Lymes a.s.a.p. good luck i hope you can dodge the MORGS bullet..

  26. OMG, I just sent a comment regarding another parasite and described these to the T. I truly am infected and my doctor gives me keflex for skin infection. My skin is only infected because I have worm and parasites that are being left untreated. I’m ashamed of my skin. It’s horsehair worms as I have every symptom of them and morgellons. I’ll send pics. Do they look like they are coming off with “dirty”skin? Look forward to hearing your update.

  27. I wish people would post updates. Wad this ever identified? Did you get cured? Do you send these comments to the person who posted it?

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