Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman

Photographs of “jet black”, “as well as translucent”, organisms have recently been sent in by this reader, who wonders if there are any worms or parasites which look “exactly like human hair” and “completely removes hair.” From the photos, we can discern a head of human hair (with the parasites presumably hidden among the strands of hair), as well as a black insect-looking creature.

To start with, we need to stress the fact that while we will answer our reader’s question of whether or not any worms that resemble human hair exist, we will not be able to provide our reader with an identification of these organisms. This is because we are not medical professionals, and this situation is clearly medical in nature. We are not qualified to provide medical advice, and so we urge our reader to consult a medical professional, as this is the only place one can get a dependable diagnosis and proper treatment. That being said, we advise seeking out a parasite specialist rather than one’s general doctor, as they are far more likely to be able to help with a situation like this because they are actually trained to treat parasitic infections, whilst a lot of doctors are not. To find a specialist, our reader can Google ‘infectious disease physician (name of her closest big city)’ or ‘travel disease doctor (name of her closest big city)’.

So, we come to the question of worms/parasites resembling human hair. The first worm that comes to mind is the horsehair worm, which is a black/brown worm that is parasitic, but not to humans. They start off as eggs in aquatic habitats, and upon consumption by an insect or crustacean, they feed and grow in the body of their hosts until they are fully grown, whereupon they burst out of the host’s body, killing it in the process. If one if found in the home, it is usually because an insect that was host to a horsehair worms, went into the home and died as the horsehair worm left its host, and not because it was inhabiting a human. It is important our reader does understand that this should not be taken as medical advice, but simply as an answer to her question and as general knowledge about the horsehair worm. Further to this, we appreciate that our reader took the time to send us photographs, but we will not be able to provide any insight as to what the organisms in the photos look like to us, as that would be the equivalent of providing medical advice.

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To conclude, yes there are worms that look like human hair, but they do not infect human beings. In order to find out what these parasites are, we urge our reader to consult an infectious disease physician and bring sample of the worms too. They can also be identified at a county extension office or entomology department at a university prior to a visit with a physician, which we recommend as a good idea if that is an option. Best of luck to our reader!

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Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman
Article Name
Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman
Photographs of "jet black", "as well as translucent", organisms have recently been sent in by this reader, who wonders if there are any worms or parasites which look "exactly like human hair" and "completely removes hair." From the photos, we can discern a head of human hair (with the parasites presumably hidden among the strands of hair), as well as a black insect-looking creature.


  1. A J

    All, visit the website
    I don’t sell or promote those. I thought that I was losing my mind for a long time and finally found some thing that sent me to this website. There are a few different things that could cause this, and those “things” carry and cause morgellons. I had even came across some thing that said morgellons at one point and I kept looking elsewhere because I didn’t think that’s what it was. They don’t always “grow” out of your skin. This website goes over the different causes and sells things that help. The debriding soap is amazing.
    Then, enter your email for the free e-book called, “getting your life back from morgellons and other parasites”. It goes over every single thing. Everything you’ve been experiencing. I hope this helps somebody. I’m currently going through the process of getting rid of them now.

  2. Christine

    Yes please update

  3. Lori L Wilson

    I just came across this website…praise GOD ???I have been very sick & losing all of my waist length hair for last 8 months.four(4) ,ER VISITS…thyroid,stress,divorce,etc. I KNOW I HAVE A PARASITE! have kept all of my samples on slides!!! I NEED HELP ! going through dom.abuse divorce, married for 22 yrs. Got sick a month after I had nerve 2 leave. Will take any advice, gladly!!!!

  4. Linda Duggan

    Sorry to say,but this looks like Morgellons.Ihave it and they have killed my hair and i have only just managed to have somewhat slowed the process.i would suggwst investing in a couple of things. 1.Coconut oil, i put it in my hair every other day but rotate with Neems hair oil leave it in all day if you can. #2. organic Tea Tree oil shampoo and conditoners,as well as Tea Tree oil. add about 10- drops to shampoo leave on for at least 10 mins.while im waiting to rinse i use Tea Tree oil body wash and add straight oil as well. i use AUSSIE conditoner with JOJOBA,as well as aussies leave in conditioner spray and their curls youself a thin tooth comb or a lice come a brush will just devistate you with all the hair you loose..i do mine upside down over the sink at least 5-10 times a day.. also borax for laundry and add to bath with apple cider vin and baking soda.go see a doc ,do not mention the Morgellons word,it may be derma mites or bird mite either way these are natreual so you will be maintianing anyway till you get a diagnosis. also test for Lymes a.s.a.p. good luck i hope you can dodge the MORGS bullet..

  5. sharon arnold

    OMG, I just sent a comment regarding another parasite and described these to the T. I truly am infected and my doctor gives me keflex for skin infection. My skin is only infected because I have worm and parasites that are being left untreated. I’m ashamed of my skin. It’s horsehair worms as I have every symptom of them and morgellons. I’ll send pics. Do they look like they are coming off with “dirty”skin? Look forward to hearing your update.

  6. Helena Baillio

    I also would like an update on this. Thank you.

  7. Deb

    I wish people would post updates. Wad this ever identified? Did you get cured? Do you send these comments to the person who posted it?

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