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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae

Lucky for our reader, we write about carpet beetle larvae quite often, and we have several suggestions on how to say goodbye to these creatures.

Carpet beetle larvae feed on lint, dust, animal hairs, fabrics, and a variety of other fibers. They can become destructive to a household if they begin to feed on upholstered furniture.

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It is essential to find and eliminate food sources in order to get rid of carpet beetle larvae. Our reader mentioned that she doesn’t have carpet under her bed where she has been finding these larvae, so perhaps they are feeding on dust or other fabrics she stores under her bed. A good start would be getting her bedding (and any other fabrics around or under her bed) professionally cleaned. Next, she should sweep and vacuum her room and the other rooms in her house to get rid of dust particles. If she has pets, their hair can attract carpet beetle larvae, and she should be quick to clean up anywhere they shed. If she cleans thoroughly and is still coming across carpet beetle larvae in her home, she might want to contact a professional that can help her say goodbye to these creatures once and for all.

In conclusion, our reader needed help getting rid of the carpet beetle larvae that she found under her bed.

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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae
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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae
We recently heard from a reader who is curious about how to get rid of carpet beetle larvae. She wrote that she has been finding them under her bed, where there isn’t even any carpet.

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