How to Deal with Carpet Beetle Larvae and Cats


After examining the pictures, we agree that she has found carpet beetle larvae. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae can be quite a daunting task, and some even hire a professional to assist. However, before she resorts to that, she should attempt to clean thoroughly herself. Carpet beetle larvae feed on dust particles, animal hairs, and other fibers. To eliminate any food sources, she should vacuum and get rid of any cobwebs hiding in the corners of her home. Carpet beetle larvae might also be feeding on blankets, towels, or other linens lying around. She should have these washed, and make sure they are used often.

She also mentioned that she had a cat. If her cat sheds a lot, this could easily be the primary food source for the larvae. Cleaning areas her cat spends the most time in can help deter these creatures.  Although they might cause some damage to her upholstered furniture, carpet beetle larvae pose no threat to her feline. They do not live in her fur, but they might stay close to her because they rely on her fur for food!

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Carpet beetle larvae do not typically live in mattresses, but sometimes these creatures do infest mattresses and pillows to feed on the stuffing and/or feathers inside. If she suspects this is the case, she might feel more protected if she disposes of her pillows and replaces them.

We would like to close by saying that this is not our reader’s fault and she should not beat herself up for finding these larvae in her home. They are common in households, and a lot of people have experience dealing with these creatures. Finally, if she finds the task of removing the carpet beetle larvae to be too difficult, she can always reach out to a professional.

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How to Deal with Carpet Beetle Larvae and Cats
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How to Deal with Carpet Beetle Larvae and Cats
We just heard from a reader who believes she has discovered carpet beetle larvae, and sent in some photos to confirm. She also hopes we can provide her some guidance to getting rid of them, and answer some of her questions.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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