Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman

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What seems to be a variety of organisms of various appearances have been found by this reader, who sent us screenshots she took from a video showcasing the organisms moving. The first pictures displays what looks to be a collection of brown and/or tan pieces of matter, the second showcasing the worm that “looks like a piece of hair but isn’t”, and the third shows the “fuzzy” “sack” that is taken through the lens of a microscope.

We wish to begin by addressing our assumption that these are, in fact, various organisms of unrelated species. In her query, our reader seemed to indicate that these were all variations of the worm that looks like hair, but we would disagree with this. These photographs exhibit organisms of such various appearances that we doubt this is the case. Furthermore, it will be difficult to confidently identify any of these species given that we do not really get a proper idea of the size of these organisms. Our reader mentioned using a microscope to look at the “sack”, which opened up for a “little tiny clear worm” “with a dark tip” to emerge, but does not specify if all of these shots were taken through a microscope. Ergo, we do not know what these organisms really look like to the naked eye. Nonetheless, we will try our best to provide an idea, or sense of what these organisms might be.

Firstly, our reader elaborates on her discovery of the organisms, saying that in the case of the hair-looking worms, she saw them “lifting up and down”, and that there was no “motion disturbance” from herself or from fans in the room. She reports being scared to touch it, and while she was trying to provoke the worm, could not keep her hand still. Following this is the “sack” which she observed under the microscope as the aforementioned “clear” organism with a “dark tip” came out of the sack.

In regards to the first image, it is difficult to tell what this may be. The forms of the three objects in the photograph are so irregular that we would not assume them to be larvae of any kind, nor any worm, and really only one of the objects is somewhat worm-shaped. If anything, we would assume these to be the discarded pupae of some sorts. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure what these are. On the other hand, the hair-like worms are most likely horsehair worms. Horsehair worms are marine parasites which mature in the bodies of insects before breaking out of their host’s body and killing it. They completely are harmless toward mammals though, so our reader needs not fear them. Lastly, we would assume that the worm which came out of the “sack” was a casemaking clothes moth caterpillar. These larvae feed on animal-based fabrics and can prove quite the pest as they commonly infest homes and chew holes through clothes, upholstery and other fabrics. These critters weave cases of silk which they hide in to feed on their findings. However, given that this organism had to be viewed through a microscope, it has us questioning if this really is a casemaking clothes moth larva. While these larvae are small in size, they are not microscopic.

On that note, what our reader can do to receive 100% confident identifications is email us again or comment down below, with or without new pictures, and just let us know which of these organisms could be seen by the naked eye and how big they were. Moreover, if our reader wishes to get a second opinion, we encourage her to take samples of all of these organisms to her local county extension office or to the entomology department at a nearby university to get them identified by experts. In any case, we would nonetheless assume that the hair-like worms are horsehair worms and the worm in the “sack” is a casemaking clothes moth larva.

To conclude, among the various organisms that our reader found, we believe that one of these is a horsehair worm, one a casemaking clothes moth caterpillar, and one we cannot identify. Regardless of our lack of certainty in these identifications, we hope that this article was still helpful to a certain degree for our reader and that she could take something away from it. Like we said before, she may feel free to send more information, questions and/or photos if she thinks we could elaborate more on this case with more material to go on. Likewise, we encourage her to bring samples of these organisms to the locations listed previously if she wants a second opinion on their identities. Otherwise, we hope our reader can be rest assured that she likely has nothing to fear about in regards to her discoveries!


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Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman
Article Name
Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman
What seems to be a variety of organisms of various appearances have been found by this reader, who sent us screenshots she took from a video showcasing the organisms moving. The first pictures displays what looks to be a collection of brown and/or tan pieces of matter, the second showcasing the worm that "looks like a piece of hair but isn't", and the third shows the "fuzzy" "sack" that is taken through the lens of a microscope.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

9 thoughts on “Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman

  1. HI OMG I am in awe at seeing how many people are battling this and nothing is being done I have been battling this for a good part of 2 years I have seen multiple different parasites it is reached havoc on my life! I was working for home health care at the time whenever I came down with this disease this horrible horrible disease that our health care providers refuse To even acknowledge! I don’t know how much longer I can handle going on living like this and not having any help all they do is tell us that we’re crazy whenever we’re clearly not I mean I have thousands of pictures Thousands of hours of research thousands of notes I’ve seen so much stuff like and now I’m at a point where these things are like skeletal looking and have like synthe Skeletal type legs….. Who’s looking legs in the front and multiple legs and feet lit I can actually see open and grasp onto my flesh and hold on for dear Life! It’s like it is like a cartilage kind of Skin like organism that can lay flat on my skin and then when it’s pulled off it will form into whatever it is it’s body I’ve never seen anything like It!!! I have seen all of the above of everything everyone’s talked about and I am now to a point where I’m i’m just seeing them like kind of be like skeleton like things I think I’m more towards the end of it all but I mean I feel like I just don’t know you know like I don’t know like what if this isn’t it what if this is just another form that of this stuff that I’m getting and I’m just going through Just another level of this hell!!! Something has to give we need help with this People are going to start dying from this people Are going to start killing Themselves from this!!! Please someone help!!! I I’m a single mother of 4 and I am almost 38 years old I cannot keep going like this!!

  2. I have this. a worm like thing in my nose, clear in my eyes, it navigates its way thru out my entire body. the hair on my head moves to touch my face and ears. light peach fuzz hair all over my skin, tiny worm like parasite ill find in my eyes, nose, skin surface. on my skin is a flake like mite with one hair attaching it. the large worm can come to the skins surface and has an invisibility cloak. only can catch it visibly in shadows. they def feed on blood. the pictures on the first article are the only ones I’ve ever seen together. it doesn’t like light. and I’m positive has multiple life cycles. please tell me how to eliminate this from my body. its literally invaded every part of my body. and the clear mucous like snot that literally falls out of my nose is rediculous. I use mirrors and cameras to catch it on my head, eyes,ears and nose. I even got one of the clear worm like lizard things in a jar. I wouldn’t even call it clear. more like invisible. someone please tell me who to see and how to get rid of it.
    email me at na************@gm***.com

  3. i have the same organisims in my house which can only be seen as shown above thru the microscope lens on my phone. otherwise, they look like a black dot or white . sometimes when I zoom in on something black in is in fact red. I have seen moving hair as well but think it is because one of these specks i find is on it? I have holes in leather couch under cushion and socks, hoodies, my fabric couch and and although I though this debree was airborne, I wondered how the holes would get under the cushsion but red carpet beetles can do this. I do not see any moving organisms unless I pick it up and put it in the toilet. some will do a 360 for a 10 seconds or so then stop but I don’t think it’s the toilet doing that. it is also driving me nuts!! I’ve had exterminators here and because they don’t actually see an insect, they think I am nuts as does my husband. Whatever it is can make holes in my hardwood floor as well, marks on my kitchen cabinets and even my counter tops. is there a larve or insect that can chip away at plates or stainless steel? I also see yellow spots in bathtub and laundry sink so thought it was silverfish but read silverfish larve looks like silverfish which I have not seen. any thoughts would be appreciated. I live in vancouver, bc. where there is allot of rain and so my unfinished wooden sundeck is being chewed up as well as the sidewalk in our yard.

  4. My wife and I have 2 kids that live with us one 5 years old is my son and 13 year is my daughter the past 2 1/2 years I have been feeling all that well I put on lot of weight 260 but passed year I started having all these little bugs in my hair and on my back every time take shower I can feel something rolling down my back and never cause see it everybody telling that I have lice well it got real bad when my husky got really sick and dead the said she had cancer cause had big knot on her side. After she pass I put in back yard well the kids upset they were out there petting her my daughter really bad I got husky went my daughter was 21/2 years old and she when everywhere she did even sleep with her. So they started getting really bad went to the hospital they said I have scabs mites so they have me put this cream on for 1 or 2 months they said it will get rid of them well this dec, 2022 I still have what every is and lost my job and about lose my house and my mind but I go back to my job I have to be clean we’ll seem my doctor don’t give shy she didn’t event look at my arms or thing I told her that I have worm come out of my nose and eyes I feel something crawling up my throat she look at me and said u don’t have worm I call her place 2 week before I went in ask them if they do a #2 in the box to have it tested they my insurance won’t cover it I’m to young I’m 42 years old. Now my son and daughter have it bad like my wife and I do

  5. Yes Sam’s as my son has. Been to specialist after big hospitals that want to say it’s mental. Well it will cause you to be mental. Have jars with them. Labs say skin. They don’t even look. Afraid when it says parasites. They don’t check properly afraid they may catch it. Let a dr get it and then say it’s mental. They will be mental sob will drive you there.

  6. I am also identifying that whatever has affected/infected the previous 2 people has also aggressively infected me. Identical stories qnd details. I’ve got hundreds of pictures and thousands of hours of study and observation and I’m a NURSE OF 24 YEARS. what is this!??!! Freaked out

  7. I have hundreds of these “horsehair worms” as well as the microscopic ” case making moth egg” They are identical!! I was recently informed that my stool sample came back positive for nematode larvae. I have always suspected that was hair worms are parasitic to humans and have found several websites including a government website confirming this. I have lines under my skin. I get sorses with these fuzz case bearing larva things in them. Even directly out of the shower I can wipe my skin and these things still come off. I’ve tried everything and have a doctor appointment tomorrow and the next day. I saw one website where the medicine for leprosy is the only thing that was able to get rid of them. I also see that they are misdiagnosed because so many people don’t research for themselves. Horsehair worms have not been studied until recently and there are over 200 types so far that we know of.

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