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Grey Worm Bites Man in Germany

We recently heard from a reader writing us from outside of Germany. He explained that he was bitten by a small grey worm in an outdoor restaurant. He said the worm resembled a carpet beetle larva, but it was grey. Here is his account of the experience: “I actually saw it bite me, which was surprisingly painful like a burn. Then it ‘stood up’ and wagged its whole body in the air while still being attached to me, but I couldn’t make out any legs. I squished it, dropped it, and continued with my conversation without thinking much more about it. The little bite started out as a tiny red dot, and grew to resemble a common mosquito bite. The bite slowly filled with liquid and became increasingly itchy with a burning sensation.” He spoke with a pharmacist who offered him some ointment to relieve the itching, but they weren’t able to identify the creature without seeing it (The picture posted is from a different article). He wants to know if we have any ideas of what this mysterious grey worm might be.

Without a photo, it is nearly impossible to identify this mystery grey worm that bit our reader. Based on his account of the experience, there are some things we know for certain. However, there are also several details that aren’t as clear. Since our reader was bit by this worm in a restaurant, we can safely assume that is a terrestrial worm. Also, although we have been referring to the creature as a worm (because that is what the reader described it as) it could also be a larvae or a different insect. While our reader did say he didn’t see any legs on this creature, it is possible that they are just very tiny and he didn’t notice them.

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So without a picture, we cannot determine the species of this mysterious biting creature. We are pleased that our reader was able to get some pain relief ointment. Since we were not able to identify the creature, we have no knowledge of its bite, and how people that suffer from a bite are treated. If our reader is concerned or experiences any symptoms, we encourage him to visit the doctor!



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Grey Worm Bites Man in Germany
We recently heard from a reader writing us from outside of Germany. He explained that he was bitten by a small grey worm in an outdoor restaurant.

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