Glow Lure or Artificial Lure?

We all know that there’s more than one way to catch a fish, but some ways just might be more effective than others. Everything from the size and shape of the bait to color has an effect on just how successful you will be at making the prefect catch.

Believe it or not fish can see in every direction except behind them and fish such as bass, walleye, pike, salmon, trout, steelhead, and most predatory fish can distinguish colors. Glowing lures are particularly successful because fish are attracted to light and fish can easily see them in dark or shadowy waters. Artificial non-glowing lures pretty much give off the same color underwater, even if they are a different color in the sunlight. Most artificial non-glowing lures look gray once they reach several feet underwater. This means that artificial non-glowing lures are most effective closer to the surface while glowing lures are effective near the surface and at 25 feet or possibly more underwater.

Glow lure comes in a variety of bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and violet. The colors must be arranged in a specific color pattern for maximum effectiveness. Some lures may have glowing scales, while others may have a glow pattern on the chest. One of the best places to add glow is the eye. Most predator fish lock in on the prey’s eyes. Because of this, most glow lure manufacturers create oversized glowing eyes on its lure, whether it’s worm-shaped lure or fish-shaped lure. This enhances the glow lure’s catching ability. In addition, glow lures easily stand out from its surroundings making the lure appear as “easy pickings” for fish.

What’s great about today’s glowing lures is that they are easy to charge and the glow lasts for hours. Unlike yesterday’s glow lures, which were made from zinc-based additives that quickly lost their glow, today’s glow lures are made from high-tech glow additives that take only 2-5 minutes to charge in any UV light. After only 2-5 minutes of charge time, your glow lure will remain illuminated for up to 8 hours in total darkness. What’s even more amazing is that today’s high tech glow lures do not have to sit directly in the sunlight or other UV light to charge. Today’s glow lure can catch a few UV rays even when dancing several feet underwater.

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If you’re interested in purchasing glow lure, you can find it at your local bait and tackle shop or through a wide variety of bait and tackle suppliers online. If you’re searching online, use your favorite search engine to search the words, “purchase glow lure.” You should have no problems finding several retailers, which will allow you to shop and compare and find reasonable prices. To make your own glow lure, click here.

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