Fat, Squishy Brown Worms in Laundry Room


Based on the photo, we believe these are black soldier fly larva (abbreviated as BSFL), also known as “Phoenix Worms”. BSFL can be over an inch long, and are often spotted by humans. BSFL are commonly used for composting because they can convert high-nutrient waste into animal feed, and some people even breed them to feed their animals.

BSFL are often seen in composts or near dumpsters. If they are found inside, like in the case of this reader, they are likely feeding on damp organic material nearby. Perhaps this reader keeps a garbage or compost in or near her laundry room and that’s how they ended up inside. She should inspect under any garbage cans in the vicinity of the room to find the source of the larvae.

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In order to get rid of these pests, our reader should sanitize her laundry room and remove any food or organic material that is sitting in an unprotected environment.

To sum up, our reader discovered two fat, squishy brown worms in her laundry room. Based on the description and photo she provided, we determined these creatures to be black soldier fly larva.

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Fat, Squishy Brown Worms in Laundry Room
Article Name
Fat, Squishy Brown Worms in Laundry Room
A reader who found two odd creatures in her laundry room. She described them as being about an inch long, very fat, and very squishy.

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