Eradicating Red Worms From Your Home

We just heard from a reader who seeks advice on keeping red worms from entering her home in Central Florida.

Red worms are usually used for composting, but perhaps she is dealing with worms that are the color red, not the composting worms. Regardless, the strategy for keeping worms out of your home is similar no matter the worm species.

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She must begin by investigating where the worms are entering. If it is from the front  or back door, the worms are likely entering through cracks in the doors. She should seal up any cracks, and check the weather stripping to ensure the doors will close as tightly as possible.

It can be really difficult to determine how worms are entering a home, but we encourage our reader to be patient and diligent with this mystery. She could also consider contacting a professional if she feels this problem is out of her area of comfort.

In conclusion, a reader asked us how to stop red worms from entering her home. We recommend that she find the source of entry and seal any cracks in the door.

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Eradicating Red Worms from Your Home
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Eradicating Red Worms from Your Home
We just heard from a reader who seeks advice on keeping red worms from entering her home in Central Florida.

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