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Eating Earthworms


We assume that by “African earthworm” our reader means the Giant South African earthworm. These “giant” worms live up to their name, and can grow up to 22 feet long.

The African night crawler is another species of earthworm. They are often used for fishing bait or composting, and grow up to 8 inches.

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While we don’t know the specific effects of eating either of these worms, we wouldn’t recommend doing so. In some countries, eating worms is a delicacy and can be considered gourmet. However, some people have also gotten sick and developed parasites after eating worms. It is impossible to know exactly what might happen if you digest these earthworms.

Although our reader might have already eaten these African worms and is asking after the fact, we encourage them not to consume earthworms or night crawlers.

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Eating Earthworms
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Eating Earthworms
We received the following question from a reader, “Is the African earthworm or night crawler harmful to the human body? If we consume or intake the African worm is this harmful? What is the effect?” This is quite an unusual question, and we aren’t sure if the reader is asking hypothetically or asking because they are planning on eating these worms.

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  1. Ignatius

    What is the best food or African night crawler and what is the best way of keeping them.

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