Dozens of Tiny Larvae on Wall

Today we will look at and discuss two photographs a reader sent us. He didn’t include any description or even a question, he just sent us the photos. We assume he wants to know what the creatures are, and possibly how to get rid of them. This is the first photograph he sent us:

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We believe we are looking at a spot on the wall covered by tiny larvae. We have actually received several photos that are similar to this one and written articles about the photographs. Here is the other photograph our reader sent us:

This photo shows more detail of the larvae. Behind the larvae we can also see small translucent spheres, which we think could be eggs that haven’t hatched into larvae yet. We believe these larvae are tiny, but we don’t know their exact size because there isn’t anything we can compare their size to in the photograph. We also aren’t sure what type of larvae our reader has discovered. The larvae are small and black, which are appropriate descriptors for almost any type of larvae. Luckily, we can speculate on why these larvae are on our reader’s wall and how he can get rid of them without knowing exactly what they are!

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We think that an adult insect might have laid eggs on this particular spot on the wall, which explains why there are eggs and larvae seemingly appearing from nowhere. Female adult insects lay their eggs in or on the food source that their larvae will eat. By doing this, they ensure that the larvae will begin to start eating as soon as they hatch. Most types of larvae eat dead and decaying matter. Therefore, we think that there is a spot of something decaying or dead on our reader’s wall. This sounds grotesque, but it probably just means a bug died on that exact spot (perhaps our reader swatted a fly or killed a spider there recently.) If our reader wants to get rid of these larvae, he will need to wipe down his wall and scrub it with a cleaning agent designed to eliminate organic material.

To end, a reader sent us a photo of a spot on his wall covered in larvae! We aren’t sure what type of larvae he is dealing with, but if he cleans his wall he should be able to get rid of them easily.

Dozens of Tiny Larvae on Wall
Article Name
Dozens of Tiny Larvae on Wall
A reader sent us a photo of a spot on his wall covered in larvae! We aren't sure what type of larvae he is dealing with, but if he cleans his wall he should be able to get rid of them easily.

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  1. My home seems to be invaded by more than 1 type of worms
    larvae and bugs ???
    Plus my body is suffering severely, I’m being eatin from inside out
    I have massive rash that turned into ulcerated sores!!! But the crap
    that has been coming out of them is very disturbing!!!
    But all my test bloods and scrapping all come back
    Negative For Everything///
    I’m at a loss finally after 15 months my doctors are finally listening
    to ME!!!
    But it’s a bit like what comes

    So witch one comes 1st it a bit like the chicken or the egg so I can
    narrow down how this thing

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