Creme Plastic Worms

Crème plastic worms are a type of lure designed and manufactured by Crème Lure Company. Established in the late 1940s, Crème Lure Company was created by Mr. Nick Crème, an avid fisherman. Nick started what is now a nationwide provider of lure, in a basement in Akron, Ohio. After experimenting with different oils, pigments and vinyl, Nicks official Crème worm made its debut in 1949. The worm was so soft, it felt ‘alive’. The Crème worm, called “Crème Wiggle Worm” was sold by mail beginning in 1951. The wigglers cost a mere $1 for a pack of 5, according to the official Crème Lure Company website. One of the company’s first big sales came quickly during the Cleveland Sportsman’s Show. Within a few days, a Crème Lure distributor sold around 9,600 packs to attending anglers.

Crème Lure Company moved production from the basement and kitchen to a small Akron manufacturing plant. Demand for the Crème Wiggle Worm continued to increase. During the late 1950s, Crème moved his plant to Tyler, Texas as the business continued to grow. After Nick Crème’s passing in 1984, Crème Lure Company carried on under the management of Mike Crème, Nick’s son. In 1989, the company merged with Knight Manufacturing, the creator of the Tube Worm. Today, Crème Lure Company still manufactures its original Crème Plastic Worm lineup as well as newer products such as Lit’l Fishie, Mad Dad, Shrimp Tease, and Devil’s Tongue.

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Crème product categories include: fishfrog, worms, swim baits, saltwater, silverside minnows, bugs/frogs/crawfish, hard baits, tube jigs, kits, specialty, accessories, and “ready to fish.” Ready to fish bait are rigged and ready to go!

If you are interested in purchasing Crème lure products, please use the contact information below. You may also request a catalog online through the official Crème Lure Company website at

Creme Lure Company Contact Information

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Address: Creme Lure Company
P.O. Box 6162
5401 Kent Drive
Tyler, TX 75711
Phone: (800) 445-8737
Email: [email protected]

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