Blackberry Looper Caterpillar

We recently received five photos from a reader containing images of different caterpillars. He hopes we will identify them. We will be writing an article for each of these different organisms! This is the second of the caterpillar posts.

This caterpillar is very thin, light green, and has some light yellow bands lining its body. We propose that this is a Chlorochlamys chloroleucari, also known as a blackberry looper caterpillar. These caterpillars feed on blackberries (hence their name) and the petals of various flowers, including the goldenrod and sunflower. Mature blackberry looper moths are pale green with two yellow stripes.  These moths and caterpillars are found in some parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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This concludes the second part of our caterpillar posts, in which we discussed blackberry loopers.

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Caterpillar Post 2- Blackberry Looper Caterpillar
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Caterpillar Post 2- Blackberry Looper Caterpillar
We recently received five photos from a reader containing images of different caterpillars, this one is a blackberry looper.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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