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Bug of Brown Stripes and Bantam Bristles is a Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this bug in my pantry. I'm not sure what it is?" asks this reader about the little critter photographed below. The bug looks to have a bristly, ovate body and has horizontal stripes of varying shades of brown; it looks exactly like a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Brown, Segmented Critter Found On Bed is Likely an Immature Carpet Beetle Larva

"What kind of worm (or whatever it is) is this?" asks this reader about the brown, segmented larva-looking creature his girlfriend found on their bed. This article will attempt to answer this question of the worm's identity, or at the very least provide some ideas as to what it might be. Continue reading [...]

Man Runs Out of Ways to Try to Eliminate Infestation of Indianmeal Moth Larvae

"Can you please identify whatever it is that these things are?" asks this reader about whatever unphotographed "things" he is referring to in his query. He was told by an exterminator that the "things" are Indian meal moth larvae, but nothing he does seems to help in getting rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Cream-colored Worms Appear in This Woman’s Trailer Two Years in a Row

"I have found cream colored maggots with brown heads two years in a row at this time of year in November," says this reader. She does not provide photographs, but instead a decent amount of context that we will use to try and figure out how best to help our reader. Continue reading [...]

Stubby, Segmented Worm-like Creature Found in Lounge is a BSFL

"Found these in my lounge," says this reader about the gray-brown critter photographed below. According to our reader, this segmented creature is approximately 3/5-inch in length and 2/5-inch in width, and she has been finding an average of one per day for the past few weeks. "What is it?" Continue reading [...]

What is Sufficient for Cleaning a Drain Properly and Controlling Bathroom Pest Populations?

"If I do have moth larvae and you say to keep drains clean and of course dry, is cleanser adequate or do we need something super duper?" asks this reader in her query about "transparent worms" she has been finding in the kitchen and bathrooms. The creature in the photograph appears to be minuscule in size, a green/gray color, and has two rows of spots going down its back. Continue reading [...]
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