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All About Worm Tea – How’s It Made? What’s It Used For?

Worm tea sounds like a disgusting beverage, not exactly the sort of drink you want to curl up with on a cold night (or any night for that matter.) Fortunately, it's not a drink that people's used primarily as a fertilizer! Continue reading [...]

Brewing and Using Compost Tea

Do you have a garden? Are you always looking for ways to keep your plants healthy and free from pests? Look no we will explore compost tea! Continue reading [...]
Worm Frass

Using Eri Silk Frass as a Soil Fertilizer

A reader recently reached out to us with this question, "What is the best way to prepare eri silk frass to become a soil fertilizer for food crops?" Let's dive in by breaking down this question! Continue reading [...]
worm composting

Commercial Worm Farming as a Business

A reader wrote to us recently seeking "more information on the economic side of commercial worm farming." He is wondering about the cost of worm farming, and also how much money one can expect to make from worm farming. For a number of reasons, this is a complex question to answer. The economics of starting any business is complicated, even if you know a lot about the product you are selling (in this instance, worms and worm castings). That said, we do know a bit about worm farming, and so by extension we know a bit about its commercial aspects, so below we offer a brief overview of commercial worm farming as a business, as well as point to some helpful resources. Continue reading [...]
Worm Frass

Frass, Worms, and Worm Frass: An Overview

A number of readers have inquired about the term frass, both generally and as it applies to worms. As such, we find ourselves in wont of a resource to explain this term, for frass is certainly a term that worm enthusiasts have occasion to discuss without infrequency. Moreover, the meaning of "worm frass" remains rather elusive. Continue reading [...]
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Worms in Your Garden

We recently received another question from a reader about worms and gardens, which is a perennial topic of concern among our readers. If you are into gardening, you have to pay attention to worms. Our reader found some worms under a dead plant near her house. A couple of the worms were somewhat long, around six inches in length, but one of them was short and plump, at least relative to the long worms. Thinking the worms would be good for the soil, the reader moved them into her garden. Upon doing this, it occurred to the reader that she might have introduced something into her garden that isn't conducive to its health. After all, she found the worms under a dead plant, and she worried that the worms might have caused this plant's death. More generally, the reader was wondering, what worms are suitable for one's garden? Continue reading [...]
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