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What is Peace Silk?

The degumming and spinning process used to create peace silk allows the moth to safely emerge from the cocoon and live out the remainder of its life cycle -- in peace. Continue reading [...]

How Much Silk Do Silkworms Produce?

The silk is produced in the salivary glands of the silkworm and it is used for protection during the silkworm’s pupal stage. Continue reading [...]

Do Caterpillars and Worms Eat the Same Things?

Worms and caterpillars have strong appetites. Worms eat so much that they typically produce excrement equal to their own weight every 24 hours. Some caterpillars have earned the name “pest” because in high enough numbers they can eat through entire fields of plants and flowers, killing the plants in the process. Continue reading [...]

Can Silk Worms Live in Pets?

If you do find live silk worms in your pet’s food, it is never a bad idea to contact your vet to make sure this is harmless. Chances are, it is and your pet will pass the worms through his stool. Continue reading [...]

Silk Worm

Because the silk worm is so precious, it is no longer found in nature. In fact, the silk worm is totally dependent on humans for reproduction. Continue reading [...]

Tent Worms

Tent worms are classified in the phylum Arthropoda class Insecta, order Lepidoptera, superfamily Bombycoidea, and family Lasiocampidae. Also called “tent caterpillar,” the tent worm earned its name for the large silk tents or webs that they spin during the spring in the cracks and cervices of trees. Their favorite places to spin are apple trees and cherry trees. Tent worms have a hairy body and they are bright-colored, with brilliant blue and dazzling yellow spots. In some cases, tent worms may become serious orchard pests, occurring in large numbers. When the tent worm occurs in large numbers they have the ability to defoliate entire trees and damage a significant amount of fruit. Many tent worms will live inside the tent, which is used for protection from the elements, such as rain Continue reading [...]
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