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Types of Worm Bites

Earthworms don't actually bite, but their skin can cause major irritation on human skin if contact last more than a few minutes. The irritation is not a result of the actual worm skin but rather the materials that worms pick up as they writhe, wriggle, and borough inside the earth and along the ground. Continue reading [...]

How To Treat Leeches On The Skin

While leeches are not known to transmit disease, they can cause irritation and other allergic reactions in hosts as well as an infection or blood poisoning. In addition, a leech bite can bleed for hours if not treated. First, you must remove the leech by pushing the leech off the skin from the skinny end. Continue reading [...]

Marine Worms

Marine worms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be long and thin, plumb and short, flattened and floppy, bright and colorful or dull and dark. Continue reading [...]

Different Types of Worms

There are literally thousands of different types of worms on the earth. Some can be found in just about any garden or backyard, while others may be found buried beneath the sand on hundreds of beaches overseas. Continue reading [...]

Do Worms Live Alone or In Groups?

Rarely will you find a lone worm writhing around in the soil with no other worms to be found. Worms must live in the soil, but not just any soil. Due to certain ideal conditions, large numbers of worms will gravitate towards certain areas. This means that you will find worms living in large groups, rather than living alone. About Worm Habitats Worms must live in rich, moist soil. Worms’ bodies are 80% water and they have no lungs. They respire through their skin. This means that humid conditions are crucial to their survival. If they do not live in moist, humid conditions, their skin will dry out and they will suffocate. The worm coats itself with mucus, which allows dissolved oxygen to pass into its bloodstream. This mucus also lubricates the worm’s body making it easy to pass through Continue reading [...]

Segmented Worms

The earthworm is by far the most vast and varied group of segmented worms on the planet. Just think, there are more than 2,700 different types or earthworm living in every corner of the earth today. Continue reading [...]
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