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Worm on Couch Could be a Leech

One of our readers found a worm on his couch that we think might be a leech. This creature might have come from his dogs, so we advise him to check for more leeches and take his dogs to the vet if necessary. Continue reading [...]

Getting Rid of Leeches in Cattails

We recently heard from two readers, both curious about how to get rid of leeches in cattails and in a pond, respectively. We are happy to provide some information about leech removal for our readers! Continue reading [...]

How to Sell Leeches in Ghana

We just heard from a reader in Ghana who is interested in information about leeches. Specifically, he would like to know where and how he could sell these leeches. Continue reading [...]

Reader has Likely Discovered Leeches or Terrestrial Flatworms

A reader from South Florida just requested some information about the creatures in a photo she sent us. She thinks they are leeches, but would like us to confirm. Continue reading [...]

Black Shiny Worm

We recently received a photo and question from a reader. She found a creature near her flowerbeds that she thinks might be a slug or leech, and is curious if it could be harmful. The photo shows a small worm-like organism that is shiny black and doesn’t have any appendages or antenna. Continue reading [...]
Potential leech

Skin Reactions to Leech Bites (with Pictures)

A reader wrote to us about a rash her son has in response to what is believed to be a leech bite. She found what looked like a leech on her son's PE kit after rugby practice, and it was at this time that she noticed his skin reaction, which began as a red spot, and then spread into an itchy rash that covered parts of his body, arms, and legs. The reader has already sought medical help, and her son has been prescribed antibiotics. She only wrote to us to ask if we have ever heard of this sort of skin reaction occurring in response to a leech bite, and also to determine if what she found was in fact a leech. Continue reading [...]
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