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Black Shiny Worm

We recently received a photo and question from a reader. She found a creature near her flowerbeds that she thinks might be a slug or leech, and is curious if it could be harmful. The photo shows a small worm-like organism that is shiny black and doesn’t have any appendages or antenna. Continue reading [...]
Potential leech

Skin Reactions to Leech Bites (with Pictures)

A reader wrote to us about a rash her son has in response to what is believed to be a leech bite. She found what looked like a leech on her son's PE kit after rugby practice, and it was at this time that she noticed his skin reaction, which began as a red spot, and then spread into an itchy rash that covered parts of his body, arms, and legs. The reader has already sought medical help, and her son has been prescribed antibiotics. She only wrote to us to ask if we have ever heard of this sort of skin reaction occurring in response to a leech bite, and also to determine if what she found was in fact a leech. Continue reading [...]
Huge African Earthworm

Segmented Worms, of the Annelid Phylum

The annelids are a large phylum of segmented worms; consequently, annelids are commonly called simply "segmented worms." (They are also, by the way, called "ringed worms," as the worms' segmented bodies often make them look like they are wrapped in small rings.) There are over 17,000 species in the annelid phylum, according to recent research, and while this is far less diverse than the phylum Nematoda, which is estimated to have approximately 1,000,000 species, the annelids are still extremely diverse relative to other species of animals. Continue reading [...]

Flesh Colored Leeches

In all, there are around 500 species of leeches living on the planet today, but only 63 can be found in North America and 35 in Ontario. Continue reading [...]

Most Common Types of Segmented Worms

At last count, there were more than 9,000 species of segmented worms on the planet today. Some of the most common types of segmented worms include earthworms, leeches, and sandworms. Continue reading [...]

Leech-like Worms and Cherry Trees

To learn exactly what type of worm is living in your cherry tree you will need to collect specific information on the appearance and behavior of the animal in question. Once you have this information, you can go online to find out the specific type of worm or visit your local library or bookstore to find books on worms Continue reading [...]
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