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Where Can I Find Poisonous Worms?

It is rare to come across a worm that stings outside of tropical regions, but if you do, chances are it is a bristle worm. Bristle worms may release "poison" when it stings, but the poison is not harmful to humans, only other very small animals. Continue reading [...]

Poisonous Worms

Bristle worms can be found in other parts of the world as well. Some are errant, meaning, they move along the shoreline and shallow water, while others are tube-binding which means they build a permanent tube or home along the shoreline flats. Continue reading [...]

Marine Worms

Marine worms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be long and thin, plumb and short, flattened and floppy, bright and colorful or dull and dark. Continue reading [...]

Limb Boring Worm

The limb boring worm tunnels into hard materials such as rocks and shells. While you may never witness a boring worm in action, you may notice their bodies sticking out of mollusk shells and rock cracks after they have tunneled through. Continue reading [...]

Bristle Worm

Large bristle worms are usually gray or brownish in color. Some are also salmon pink with white setae around the body. Like most worms, bristle worms are nocturnal, so they are not usually around during the day. Continue reading [...]

When Bristle Worms Attack

Bristle worms belong to the family Polychaete. The common name is Acropora Crab. Bristle worms are usually found under rocks and corals in a number of different tropical areas throughout the world. Continue reading [...]
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