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Man Finds Warehouse Beetle Larva. Maybe.

We received a picture of a larva in a man’s hand. The man would like to know what type of larva it is. He says that he has looked over the All About Worms site, but has not found the information he’s looking for. To us, it looks as though he has found a warehouse beetle larva (or Trogoderma variabile), though it is difficult to be certain. This is a relatively clear photograph, and our reader may be frustrated that we cannot offer a more definite identification. There is a reason that, historically, the most reliable way to identify various beetle and fly larvae is to let them grow up and see what sort of animal they grow into. The differences in the larval stage of different species can be quite subtle. Additionally, the larva of a single species can vary in appearance depending Continue reading [...]

“Worms” near Catfood are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

We received a plea from a reader who has been having problems with teeny tiny worms hanging out near her cat’s dry cat food. Though she is not necessarily seeing them in the food, they definitely seem to congregate there. She also notes, interestingly, that they excrete a grey, dust-like substance. Continue reading [...]

Carpet Beetle Larva Causes Skin Irritation

A reader asked us about some bug bites that she discovered on her grandson's arm. She sent us a photograph of a potential source, and we identified it as a carpet beetle larva. Carpet beetle larva do not bite, but they do have hairs that can cause skin irritation. Continue reading [...]

Toddler Finds a Centipede

One of our readers recently informed us that her toddler found a worm-like organism in their living room. She sent along a photograph and requested that we make an identification if possible Continue reading [...]

“Worms” Found in Ice Machine Might be Drain Fly Larvae

A reader encountered some small, black worm-like organisms in her ice machine at work. We believe these are drain fly larva, but we don't know how they ended up there! Continue reading [...]

Small White Worms in or Under Clothes

One of our readers emailed us about finding little white worms under her clean clothing. She said that they did not shed any skin and she had not noticed if they had eaten any of the clothing yet. She did not include a picture so it is difficult for us to make a conclusive identification of these worms, however there is a possibility that these are tiny moth larvae or clothes moths. Continue reading [...]
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