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How to Identify Parasite Worms

You can identify them by becoming familiar with the way common parasite worms look or you may browse through images online. Continue reading [...]

Coughing Up Worms

In the earliest stages of heartworm, there are no abnormal signs of infection. Even in mild cases, however, coughing is present. In the moderate stage, you may notice more intense coughing, exercise intolerance, and abnormal lung sounds. Continue reading [...]

Organic Dog Worm Cures

Garlic, wheat bran and pumpkin seeds are considered common organic dog worm cures by some, unfortunately, most organic "cures" do not work. Continue reading [...]

Natural Cat Worm Cures?

Cat worms cannot be completely eliminated with home remedies or 100 percent natural products such as herbs, garlic, and pumpkin, although these natural products can help. In many cases, however, these products just are not powerful enough to kill resistant worm infections such as heartworm, hookworm, and tapeworm. If your cat is experiencing any of the symptoms below, he might have a worm infection. He should be taken to the vet immediately for testing. Continue reading [...]

Heartworm Pills by PetMeds Pet Medication

Iverhart Max is another heartworm pill available for dogs only. Available through PetMeds, the chewable pill has a pork liver cereal flavor with a bit of artificial beef helps when it comes time to get a dog to actually take their medicine. Iverhart Max treats heartworm disease, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Continue reading [...]

Dog With Damaged Heart Valve From Heart Worms

To help ease the symptoms associated with a damaged heart valve or heart disorders, your vet may prescribe a diuretic to reduce fluid retention. Surgery is possible, but the availability of it is very limited. Continue reading [...]
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