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Squirming Underneath the Skin: Could it be Morgellons?

In addition to a squirming underneath the skin or a feeling that thin worms are crawling underneath the skin, individuals with Morgellons Disease report black threadlike materials on the skin or black specks or materials on the clothing. Continue reading [...]
Morgellons on skin

Do Worms Attack the Skin at Night?

There are several conditions that are commonly called “skin worms” including ring worm and Morgellons disease. Continue reading [...]

Worms Underneath the Skin? (Morgellons Disease)

To date, more than 13,000 families have reported that they suffer from Morgellons Disease. Continue reading [...]

Tropical Parasites Worms

In fact, parasitic worms currently infect more than 250 million people worldwide and some are more serious than others. Some of the most serious parasitic worms are tropical parasites/worms. Continue reading [...]

Human Worms

While not fatal, human worms can be quite disgusting and they can wreak havoc on the human body from the skin to the intestines to the respiratory system. Human worms (parasites) are not uncommon either. In fact, it is believed that at any given time the human body may be infected with dozens of different types of parasites. Some are microscopic while others are visible to the naked eye. Some types of worms can be found most often in animals, for example, the bloodworm typically infects horses, and others may affect humans more often. Continue reading [...]

Morgellons Worm Symptoms

Morgellons, or "fiber disease" is an affliction rarely acknowledged by the medical community, but with a host of symptoms. The appearance of fibers in skin lesions is a predominant affliction of Morgellons. Continue reading [...]
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