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Larvae Rappel From Bathroom Ceiling

we believe the string of larvae our reader discovered in her bathroom are moth larvae! They are harmless and aren't typically destructive creatures inside a home, so our reader doesn't need to lose any sleep over their presence. Cleaning her bathroom and sealing up potential entryways around her home should keep them from returning. Continue reading [...]

Mysteriously Appearing Earthworms Due To Sewer Line Gap

One of our readers discovered earthworms in her sink. We agree with her that they are probably coming from the gap in her sewer system. Since she already had it fixed, we don't know what else she can do to stop worms from appearing. On the bright side, earthworms are harmless and truly benefit the environment! We wish our reader the best of luck! Continue reading [...]

Is Rash From Bug Bite In Greece?

We believe the creature our reader found in her jeans is a carpet beetle larva, which is a common household pest! Also, while the rash she has might be related to the carpet beetle larva, we can't confirm this or weigh in on the matter because we aren't medical professionals. Continue reading [...]

Yellow and Black Worms are Bumble Bee Millipedes

We believe the organisms our reader noticed in his mother's home are bumble bee millipedes. While some people actually seek out these millipedes and breed colonies to later be used as reptile food, our reader wishes to help his mother say goodbye to these arthropods. As with most worm-like organisms, getting rid of these millipedes will depend mostly on cleaning. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Wiggling In Toilet Horsehair Worm or Parasite?

We think the thin white worm our reader found in her toilet could be a horsehair worm. These worms are not harmful or dangerous towards humans! Of course, if we are wrong about when she discovered the worm in her toilet, and think there is any possibility that the worm came from her, then she should seek medical attention immediately. Continue reading [...]

Long Brown Worm Is a Centipede

We believe the worm-like organism our reader found in her room is a centipede. Centipedes are known to bite, so our reader should act with caution when handling this specimen! Continue reading [...]
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