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Aquatic Worms?

A reader of ours recently sent us a video of what looks to be a worm of some sort. He gave us no information about where he found it, it was solely the video. We did our best to get a screen shot of the video so that our many readers can share their opinions as well. We have determined, however, that this is not a worm at all. Continue reading [...]
bristle worm

Bristle Worms Dying in Aquarium

We received a question via the All About Worms Facebook page from a reader whose bristle worms have died in his aquarium. Actually, the worms didn't just die, but "simultaneously combusted," although presumably this can't be taken too literally, as we don't see how worms in a fish tank could be consumed by fire. The reader isn't worried about the worms themselves, but he is concerned if the death of the bristle worms is a bad portent, spelling trouble for the rest of the tank. So, essentially, the reader wants to know what it means when the bristle worms in your aquarium die. Continue reading [...]
tiny skinny black worm

Tiny, Skinny, Black Worms Found in Salt Water Pool

We received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page a few days ago about "a tiny black skinny worm in my salt water pool," to use the reader's exact wording. The reader lives in Florida, and also reports that the worms are unsegmented and appear to have "diamond shaped scales," but she concedes it is hard to tell if this is an accurate description of the worm's exterior. The reader was having trouble figuring out what she found, so she asked us to identify the tiny, skinny, black worm that she found in her pool. Continue reading [...]

Rearing Polychaete Worms

For reasons we can't decipher, we've received a few questions lately about rearing worms. The most recent article we wrote dealt with raising marine worms, and the question before us now has to do with rearing polychaete worms (or simply "polychaetes") specifically. (Most polychaetes are marine worms, so obviously raising marine worms and raising polychaetes are related.) What exactly our reader was asking was hard to determine, but at bottom it was about managing what might be called a "polychaete worm farm," one in which polychaetes are reared and bred. Is it possible to rear and breed polychaete worms? Continue reading [...]
bristle worm

Rearing Marine Worms

A reader wrote us a series of questions a while ago about rearing marine worms. He is wondering first of all if it is possible to rear marine worms (yes), and then he asked several highly specific questions that are very difficult to answer. Consistent with our policy of answering essentially every question we receive, however, we will venture to address our reader's interest in rearing marine worms as best as we can. Continue reading [...]

How to Set Up a Marine Worm or Bristle Worm Farm

An enterprising reader recently wrote to us about the prospect of raising marine worms for commercial purposes. He was wondering if this is possible, and specifically mentioned creating a "bristle farm" (by which he presumably meant a farm for raising bristle worms, or polychaetes). The reader didn't ask any specific questions about how this operation might be set up, so we won't get into the specifics of setting up a marine worm farm that is designed to turn a profit. Instead, we will focus on the general feasibility of this project. Continue reading [...]
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