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carpet beetle larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae and Human Hair

A reader recently contacted us with some questions about carpet beetle larvae. Here at All About Worms, we write about carpet beetle larvae fairly frequently, and we are happy to provide some answers to our reader. Continue reading [...]
fungus gnat larvae

Snake-like formation in driveway is possibly fungus gnat larvae

One of our readers sent us an email and a picture of what looked to be a snake-like formation in her driveway. She said this group of “worms” came out of nowhere. She did mention that she lives in Toronto, Ontario and there has been a bit of a rainy season lately. She said that the snake-like formation of moved as a pile, but she could also see the “worms” moving separately. She is curious as to what they are. After looking at the picture that she sent, there is a great possibility that she has fungus gnat larvae in her driveway. Continue reading [...]

Worm-like creatures in laundry basket are possibly flea larvae

One of our readers sent us an email about some worm-like creatures that she had found in her husband’s laundry basket. She said this is now the second time that she has found about 100 grayish worms in his basket. She said that they are smaller and skinnier than a grain of rice with a black speck that is showing through their skin. She did mention that they do have a cat which has recently been checked for worms and none were found. She also said that her husband works outside with concrete and they use a clothesline to dry their clothes. She did say that the cat likes to sleep in the dirty clothes basket quite frequently. She was not able to include a picture for us to better determine what these worm-like creatures are. There is a high possibility that these are not worms at all, but they could be flea larvae. Continue reading [...]
apple worm

Worms and Larva that Feed on and are Found in Apples

There are quite a few different species of worm-like creatures that like to dine on apples. The apple maggot and the codling moth are both larvae that like to feed on apples and ruin the crops of apple farmers. These two pests can give farmers quite a bit of trouble with their crops. They are both very different in appearance, but do have one thing in common: they love apples! Continue reading [...]

Grey worm-like creatures in pet bed are possibly flea larvae

One of our readers wrote to us about some grey worm-like creatures that she recently found on her dog’s bed. When she went to wash the bedding, she saw these creatures and is very curious as to what they may be. There was not a picture to go along with her questions, but it is possible that these critters are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worm-like critter found in bed could be carpet beetle larvae

One of our readers found a larva or worm-like creature on her bed. She is very concerned that it could be harmful to her. She emailed us wanting to make sure that it won’t affect her and was curious to know just exactly what it is. She did include some pictures and after viewing those, we have determined that the worm-like creature is a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]
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