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Clear Specimen Discovered in Toilet

We recently received a picture taken by a reader via our Facebook page. She wrote that the item in the photo appeared after she flushed her toilet. She thinks it might be some sort of plant or a worm. The sudden appearance of this freaked her out, and she wonders what it might be. Continue reading [...]

Microscopic Creature Could be a Woodboring Beetle

We just got a photo from a reader with the following description, “it seems to be microscopic, eats wood like a termite, and the needle nose a the from is some type of saw. It presents itself in the shower/laundry/kitchen areas, and at first I thought it was mold. It is very irritating to the skin and hair. Please identify this.” Continue reading [...]

Acorn Weevil Larvae Cause Empty Acorns

We just received an unclear message from one of our readers. He wrote to us: most of the acorns have a small hole and the acorns are empty. We aren’t confident we know what he is asking, but we think he might be curious about what would cause a small hole in an acorn and then eat the inside of the nut. If this is not what he wanted to know, we encourage him to write us again with a more precise question. Continue reading [...]

Large Brown Creature with White Stripe and Appendages

A reader sent us a photo and asked us to identify the creature in it. After glancing at the photo we are quite sure that it isn’t a worm, but perhaps a caterpillar or a different insect. We will do our best to solve this mystery! The creature appears to be several inches long, lined with either bristles or legs, and with antenna or pinchers at its anterior end. The organism has a patterned back that is segmented into about 10 sections with an extended head. The pattern is made up of a white stripe running down the length of its dark brown back. Although our reader has provided an excellent image, we are stumped as to what this could be. We think it could be an underwing caterpillar. These caterpillars are often segmented and have a similar shape and texture to the specimen in question. Continue reading [...]

Large White Worm Burrowing into Tree is Probably Longhorned Beetle Larvae

A reader who has seen a rather large “worm” that bored holes in trees recently contacted us. They said that the “worm” in ½ inch in diameter, 2 inches long, has a big black head, and a creamy white body with tough skin. They said the “worm” lives in the interior of the tree. They said they at first believed it was a loggerhead worm, but that they are wrong. They didn’t send a photo, or include what type of tree they are referring to, but we will do our best to solve this mystery! Continue reading [...]

Red Pods in Garden are Moth Pupae

We just heard from a reader who found some interesting items in her garden. She is curious if they are harmful or helpful. Continue reading [...]
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