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White Worm-like Creatures on Japanese Maple Tree are Pulvinaria Scale Insects

White worms were recently discovered on the trunk of this reader's Japanese maple tree in New York City. The worms appear to be short in length, fairly large in girth, with ridges along their bodies, and have a pink/beige head. Continue reading [...]

Stick Insects Discovered in Dog Vomit

Stick insects were believed to have been found in the vomit of this reader's dog in Omaha, Nebraska. We wish to warn our reader ahead of time that the images may upset some people's stomach, which showcase strands of what looks like grass poking out of chunks of dog vomit. Continue reading [...]

Is it Possible to Transplant Catawba (Catalpa) Worm Trees?

A man sent in a query regarding the planting of catawba worm trees for purposes of harvesting catawba worms to use as fish bait. His question particularly focused whether or not it was possible to dig up an existing catawba tree and re-plant it elsewhere, and if the tree would still attract catawba worms. Continue reading [...]

Red, String-Like Worm in Bathroom Sink is a Tubificid Worm (Tubifex Tubifex)

A "red, string-like" worm was found in the bathroom sink of this woman in East Texas. According to our "horrified" reader, the worm was "wiggling out of the overflow", and she has never seen anything like it before. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Snakefly Larvae Around Her Home

We have identified the brown and white creature our reader found as a snakefly larva. We hope that cleaning up and keeping her doors and windows shut will help eradicate these specimens. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Prehistoric Worms Found in the Arctic

Last fall Russian scientists were doing work in Pleistocene Park when they made an amazing discovery. While analyzing samples of Arctic permafrost, they found two nematodes (a.k.a. roundworms) that came back to life after being defrosted in Petri dishes. Continue reading [...]
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