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earthworm in dirt

Prehistoric Worms Found in the Arctic

Last fall Russian scientists were doing work in Pleistocene Park when they made an amazing discovery. While analyzing samples of Arctic permafrost, they found two nematodes (a.k.a. roundworms) that came back to life after being defrosted in Petri dishes. Continue reading [...]


There are literally thousands of different worm species on the planet today and they play a huge part in helping the earth’s trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables thrive. Continue reading [...]

Irwin the Ice Worm©

Irwin the Ice Worm? Sounds like a cartoon character huh? Well, it is! Sort of. Irwin the Ice Worm©, spelled “Irwin The Iceworm”©, is an Alaskan cartoon character based on real Alaskan iceworms. Alaskan iceworms live in glacial ice. The first ice worms were discovered in 1887 on the Muir Glacier in Alaska. Continue reading [...]


Mysterious iceworms are indeed real and thriving in glaciers and methane ocean beds. Increased interest in iceworms could lead to long-term human survival in the cold. Continue reading [...]
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