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Creepy Crawlies on Concrete May be Armyworms

We received a question from a reader who has many little creepy-crawlies on his concrete in his yard. He says that some of his neighbors have a few, but that he has an absolute infestation. What are these little creatures, he wants to know, and wonders if they are related to his olive trees. Continue reading [...]
Millipede curls up in tight circle

Hard-Shell Worms that Curl Up Probably Millipedes

One of our readers has asked about "hard shelled worms about 1/2 to 1 inches long that curl into a tight circle when touched. What are these?" Without a photograph, description of where in the house (or the world!) he found it and any additional physical description, we think he's writing to us about millipedes. Read more about brown and black worms that curl up tight here Millipedes are arthropods, not insects, of the type Myriapoda (meaning "myriad" or 'uncountably numerous' feet --"pods.") As you can easily imagine, the name comes from the up-to-four feet per segment that can be found on their bodies. They all have a single pair of antennae, simple eyes and a mouth on the underside of the head and are known for their shiny hard bodies. All prefer to live in moist areas and feed on Continue reading [...]

Black Worm with Yellow Border

We just received a photo from a reader without an attached question. However, we will assume that they are curious what they have discovered. The photo shows a worm-like creature that is longer than an inch, and probably about an inch wide. Its back is red, white, and black checkered and striped. Its edges are clearly defined in yellow, and it has two clear antennas on its head. From the angle of the photo, we can’t see what kind of legs it has, if it has any at all. Although we don’t know where our reader encountered this little guy, we will do our best to figure out what it might be! Continue reading [...]

Yellow-Striped Armyworm

We have a reader who recently found a type of worm in his living room, bathroom, and also in his daughter’s bedroom. He would like to know what they are and how can he get rid of them. He sent us a picture that gave us a little idea of how these worms looked. After looking at the picture and doing our own research, we have determined that first of all, it's not a worm at all, it's a caterpillar. The one that looks most like his picture is the Yellow-Striped Army worm. Continue reading [...]

What Do Army Worms Look Like?

The adult moth has a wingspan of about 1-1/2 inches and the hind wings are grayish white. The first pair is dark gray mottled with lighter and darker patches. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Trees

There are so many different types of worms that love to hang out in trees that it’s tough to keep track. Just a few of the different types of worms in trees include bagworms, Catawba worms, apple tree worms, Christmas tree worms, army worms, and catalpa tree worms. Continue reading [...]
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