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What is the Black Worm Virus?

Also called blackmail, MyWife, and Nyxem, blackworm disables anti-virus in order to destroy Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP, and PSD files. Continue reading [...]

New Worm of Virus with cs 3 in Subject Line

It is important to note that while the Microsoft Software Removal Tool helps remove the Win32 virus, it does not prevent it. Continue reading [...]

What Can a Worm Virus Do?

Worms can temporarily paralyze or completely disable entire servers. Some worm viruses can even tunnel into your computer, giving others remote access to your system. Continue reading [...]

Online Virus Worm Utility

Top Internet security software companies such as Kaspersky, McAfee, and BitDefender offer worm and virus removal tools as a part of their virus protection software. Unfortunately, these utilities will cost a pretty penny, and many must be updated yearly. Continue reading [...]

Virus vs. Worm

The first thing you must understand that a virus and worm are basically the same thing, while a “Trojan Horse” is different. Worms are actually a subclass of viruses. Continue reading [...]

X Rated Audio Plays on Computer Virus Worm

One of the most disturbing types of computer worms or viruses, however, is a type of worm that carries passwords to x rated websites. W32/Melissa has been contained, but the virus spread at a rapid pace back in 1999 by integrating itself into program or data files. Continue reading [...]
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