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Worm Software

Worm software comes in two different forms. If you want to be entertained, you can try any number of worm computer games from "Worms Game" to Bookworm MSN Games, or if your computer system has been infected with worms, you can download a number of effective worm software removal tools. Continue reading [...]

Security Essentials 2011: Virus or Worm?

Security Essentials 2011 is not affiliated with Microsoft Security Essentials. Security Essentials or "SecurityEssentials" is a fake spyware remover program that is installed on your computer without your permission via faulty virus protection or a website that you may have visited. Continue reading [...]

Siemens Worm

According to a project manager at Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, the Stuxnet worm did not cause any damage to major systems of the plant. However, the worm did infect at least 30,000 computers. Continue reading [...]

Blaster Worm Virus Patch

Computer worms can even freeze or disable entire servers. Some of the most sophisticated computer worms can actually tunnel into your computer system and give users remote access to your computer. One of the most destructive of all computer worms was the Blaster Worm. Continue reading [...]

Stuxnet Worm

First discovered in July 2010, the Stuxnet worm is widespread in Iran. Stuxnet is considered a sophisticated worm that is designed to disrupt or disable power grids and industrial facilities. Continue reading [...]

Worm Autorun Malware Virus

Fortunately, you can remove the autorun malware virus by purchasing and installing antivirus software or you can download a free malware removal application. Continue reading [...]
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