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Dead Worms Might Be Millipedes

One of our readers discovered some brown worm-like organisms in her home. We think they are likely millipedes. Fortunately, millipedes don't sting or bite, or damage household goods or furniture. Continue reading [...]

Dog Shows Interest in Shed Centipede Skin

A reader wrote to us from California because her dog was sniffing at a worm-like organism on her carpet. Her first concern was that it could be some sort of parasite, especially because there are small children in her home. Continue reading [...]

Skinny Worm in Bathroom Might be a Millipede

One of our readers discovered a mysterious specimen in her bathroom. Although we cannot be totally sure based on the photo, we are convinced that she is dealing with millipedes. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Worms Lurk in Couch Cushions

We recently read a long (and interesting) message from one of our readers. It is too long to share the entire thing, so we will do our best to include the most crucial bits. She explained that her husband has a ringworm-like rash on his neck that comes and goes, and its appearance somehow seems to correlate with when he sleeps on the couch frequently. Continue reading [...]

Arthropods Discovered Near Toilet

One of our readers discovered two creatures in her bathroom. We believe the creatures are either centipedes or millipedes, but we couldn't figure out which they were based on the photograph alone. Continue reading [...]

Worm With Forked Tail and Antennae is Centipede

One of our readers discovered a specimen in her home with antennae and a split tail. We are confident that she found a centipede. Continue reading [...]
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