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What Species is Green Caterpillar?

Today we responded to a reader who found a green caterpillar on a milkweed plant near San Antonio, Texas. We think this creature might either be the larva of the Giant Swallowtail or of the Astarte Prominent Moth. Continue reading [...]

What Is Inside Gold Cocoon?

One of our readers sent us a picture of a beautiful, gold cocoon she found near Denver, Colorado. We believe a butterfly will emerge from it, but we encourage our reader to keep checking in on the cocoon, as she might be able to witness the grand exit for herself! Continue reading [...]

Moth Larvae “Take Over” Reader’s Car

One of our readers found a ton of small worm-like organisms in her car. We are confident these are moth larvae. They are not harmful or dangerous and she can get rid of them by cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Clumped Up Worms Could Be Yellownecked Caterpillars

One of our readers discovered a clump of yellow and brown caterpillars on a branch and wanted to know what they were. We believe that these specimens are yellownecked caterpillars! Continue reading [...]
Catawba worm

How Do Catalpa Trees Attract Catalpa Worms?

One of our readers asked why her catalpa trees have suddenly attracted catawba worms after several years. We don't know the reasons behind the caterpillars' timing, but we have explained the unique relationship between these trees and worms! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Mealworm And Palm Flower Moth Larva

One of our readers found two organisms that we have identified as a palm flower moth larva and a mealworm. Saying goodbye to these creatures primarily involves cleaning! Continue reading [...]
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