carpet beetle larva

Carpet Beetle Larva Questions

A reader just sent us some questions he has about carpet beetle.

1. Do the adults or larvae collect hair and edible debris in a localized area where you’d find multiple larvae or eggs or casings present? For example, a futon or mattress quilt depression under a fitted sheet.

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2. If you can’t notice whiskers or fur on larvae with the naked eye but the larvae are lean and tan/brown that otherwise meet the description, is it possible that they are carpet beetle?

We are happy to provide some answers to our readers questions.

In the first question, we suspect that our reader is curious if carpet beetle larvae have a “nest” where they bring animal hair and other food sources. Carpet beetle larvae do not make “nests” but they do inhabit upholstered areas, like a mattress or a futon. Finding and eliminating the food source for the larvae is crucial to getting rid of carpet beetle. If he suspects that there are carpet beetle larvae feeding on his quilt or fitted sheets, he should have them cleaned immediately to prevent the potential infestation from getting any worse.

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To answer his second question, yes, it is still possible that the creature is a carpet beetle larva even if you can’t see it’s whiskers or hairs. There are actually two types of carpet beetle. One type is varied carpet beetle and the other is black carpet beetle. The larvae of these beetles look different, and the black carpet beetle larva don’t always have has prominent hairs. If he takes a picture of the specimen, we can provide some further insight on its identification.

To conclude, a reader asked us to answer some questions about carpet beetle larva. We hope we have provided the information he desired!

Carpet Beetle Larva Questions
Article Name
Carpet Beetle Larva Questions
A reader asked us to answer some questions about carpet beetle larva. We hope we have provided the information he desired!

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