Caring for African Night Crawlers

Earthworms with clitella


While some believe that African night crawlers are higher maintenance than other bait and composting worms, others swear they are worth the effort.

The best way to keep them requires being very aware of the temperature they are living in. African night crawlers are sensitive to cold, but can withstand high temperatures. They thrive in 70°F-80°F environments, but can even manage in temperatures that reach 90°F. Any temperatures below 60°F-50°F are not ideal for African night crawlers.

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They typically grow to be larger than other composting worms. Therefore our reader needs to make sure his living environment for these worms is large enough for them to explore and plump up, and reproduce.

African night crawlers are known to have huge appetites, and will eat just about any decaying matter. However, there are some foods that are better for these creatures than others. Healthy food options include (but are not limited to) fruit waste, vegetable waste, egg shells, coffee grounds, starches in moderation, broken down cardboard, garden waste, tree waste, and commercial worm food. Foods that our reader should not use include citrus fruits, meat and dairy products, human waste, and pet waste.

To summarize, a reader was curious about African night crawlers, which are usually used as either bait worms or for composting.

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Caring for African Night Crawlers
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Caring for African Night Crawlers
We received a question from a reader regarding African night crawlers. They were curious what the best food for them is and what the best way to keep them is. African night crawlers are typically used for composting or as fishing bait.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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