Captured Worm Remains a Mystery

earthworm in dirt

We recently received an interesting message from one of our readers. She described a worm she discovered and captured in the middle of the night inside of her home. She said the worm-like organism was 10 inches long, perfectly round, and did not have a prominent head or eyes. The specimen in question had a hard body with a circumference about the size of a small pencil. She explained that she used a “long handled pinch grabber” to seize it, and the worm struggled to avoid being captured. She wants to know what kind of worm she has discovered.

Our reader didn’t include any photos along with her message. While we appreciate the description she wrote out, without a photograph and a few other key details (like the color of the worm), we won’t be able to identify this mystery creature. In addition, we aren’t sure what our reader means when she describes the worm as “perfectly round”. We assume its body itself is round, and not flat.

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When she described the worm as “hard”, our first thought was that it might be a millipede, which has a hard shell. However, millipedes usually curl up when disturbed, not struggle. Also, millipedes don’t usually grow to 10 be inches long! ┬áSo, what else could our reader have discovered? We don’t know! We don’t know of a creature that is almost a foot long and has a hard body.

To wrap up, one of our readers wrote to us about a long, hard worm she came across during the middle of the night. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure what kind of specimen she is dealing with. As long as she only discovered only one worm on one occasion, she doesn’t need to worry about the critter. If she continues to find these mysterious creatures, we encourage her to take a photograph of it and send it in!

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Captured Worm Remains a Mystery
Article Name
Captured Worm Remains a Mystery
One of our readers wrote to us about a long, hard worm she came across during the middle of the night. Unfortunately, we aren't sure what kind of specimen she is dealing with.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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