Can Inchworms Bite?

A reader recently reached out to us and wrote, “I got an inchworm. Can it bite?”

Although inchworms are not the most common household pet, people do raise them for science experiments or to use as a food source for other animals, like chickens. Although our reader didn’t include a photo, we will provide a picture of an inchworm that we received from a previous entry:

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To answer our reader’s question, inchworms can bite, however they usually don’t. Although it is a rare occurrence, it evidently feels similar to a mosquito bite and there are not lasting consequences. Rather than biting, inchworms spin webs as their primary defense mechanism.

To end, a reader who recently got a pet inchworm was curious if it could bite him. To answer his question, they can bite, but they usually do not use biting as a defense mechanism!

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Can Inchworms Bite?
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Can Inchworms Bite?
A reader recently reached out to us and wrote, “I got an inchworm. Can it bite?”

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