Brown Worms Hanging from Thread


Based on the pictures and description, we think these are inchworms. Inchworms are usually found in large numbers, and they can be found hanging from silk strands.

Inchworms live outside in trees, so it is surprising that she found these in her bathroom. It is possible an adult moth laid eggs inside, or on something that was brought inside, and that these eggs hatched.

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It is impossible to say why these inchworms are inside. Since a bathroom is not the ideal home for an inchworm, they should clear up soon.

To sum up, our reader found some tiny brown creatures hanging from silk threads in her bathroom. We believe she is dealing with inchworms.

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Brown Worms Hanging from Thread
Article Name
Brown Worms Hanging from Thread
We received some pictures of worm-like organisms a reader found in her bathroom. She said they were hanging off the ceiling fan from some sort of thread. The photos show that these creatures are very tiny and brown, and possibly have tiny legs.

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