Brown Worm with Antennae is Millipede

We recently received a few pictures from one of our readers accompanied by the question: What is this? We don’t have any other information from our reader, such as where specifically she found the worm-like organism, but we are confident that we will still be able to identify the creature. Here is the first photograph:

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After glancing at the photograph, we know that the specimen is dark brown. Upon closer inspection, we can make out the faint outline of two very thin antennae. Could this be a millipede?

The second photograph from our reader shows the creature in question next to a bobby pin. This is extremley helpful because it allows us to see the size of the specimen. Assuming this is a normal bobby pin that is 2-3 inches long, we believe the creature is a little less than an inch long. We are confident that this is a millipede!

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Millipedes have dark brown or black elongated cylindrical bodies. They usually grow to be 1 to 2 inches long, but some are smaller or larger depending on species. They have segmented bodies, and each segment has two pairs of jointed legs. Although millipedes have a lot of legs, their legs are quite tiny and can be hard to see. The size distinction can be a good way to tell the difference between a centipede and a millipede, especially since the two are often mistaken for each other. Centipedes, which also have segmented bodies lined with legs, have only one pair of jointed legs per body segment and their legs are longer. Also, since the legs of a centipede are more spaced out, they are easier to see.

In conclusion, in this article we examined photos that a reader sent to us. We identified the specimen in the photographs as a millipede! Our reader didn’t ask us about how to get rid of millipedes in her home, but if she needs assistance we suggest she read one of our articles about how to get rid of millipedes!

Brown Worm with Antennae is Millipede
Article Name
Brown Worm with Antennae is Millipede
In this article we examined photos that a reader sent to us. We identified the specimen in the photographs as a millipede!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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