Brown Worm that Bites Probably Actually a Centipede


Our reader included a photo of the worm. It matches her description, but we would like to add that it appears to have a lot of black legs.

Before venturing a guess on what these creatures could be, we would like to be very clear that we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice in any way. If this situation is concerning to our reader, we highly encourage her to go seek the advice of a medical professional as soon as possible.

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The lighting in the photo makes a firm identification impossible, but we think she might be dealing with centipedes. Centipedes are recognizable by the hundreds of legs they have, and they do sometimes bite humans. However, we cannot say for certain that this is a centipede. We believe that it is in our reader’s best interest to call in a professional to deal with this situation and to ensure her health and safety.

To sum up, our reader has gotten bitten a couple times by some brown, segmented worms.  These might be centipedes, but we encourage our reader to ask a medical professional to look at the bites to give her their professional opinion.

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Brown Worm that Bites Probably Actually a Centipede
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Brown Worm that Bites Probably Actually a Centipede
We recently received a question from a reader who is dealing with an interesting situation. She was lying in bed when her leg started to hurt. When she brushed her hand on her leg she felt something hard attached to her skin. She noticed a little circle indented in her skin. This happened again a couple of hours later, but she saw a little brown worm was still attached to her. She said that two days after this incident, she still has the circular indentations on her leg. She said the worms are brown, segmented, hard, and they curl up. She concluded that these creatures are all over her home in southern Oklahoma. She is curious what these creatures are and if they are safe.

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