Brown Insects on Strawberry

The photo shown above was taken in a strawberry patch in Guernsey, Channel Islands. The photo submitter wonders what the brown creatures are. There are two of them on this particular strawberry. Both are light brown with many appendages that are probably legs. The critters appear to be feeding on the fruit. We do not know if other strawberries in this patch are being eaten by the same creatures, or if the farmer hopes to get rid of them.

There are a handful of garden pests that munch on strawberries, but the only one that comes close to resembling the creatures in the photo are spider mites. However, despite the common appearances, we are not totally confident about this identification. Although the picture is of excellent quality, the way the critters are positioned makes it difficult to understand what they look like.  Spider mites are also so small that they look like moving dots to the human eye. The bugs in this photo are clearly bigger than this. So, after careful consideration we have to rule out the spider mite. What else could these be?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for our reader. We don’t think these are technically worms, but rather insects of some sort. We hope that another one of our other readers is familiar with these critters and can offer some advice or speculation on what they could be. If the person who submitted this photo has the opportunity to take another picture of the creature in question we would love to analyze it. To conclude, we received a photo of two insects on a strawberry. They are brown and look spider-like. Despite the evidence the photo supplied, we are unable to name this specimen.

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Brown Insects on Strawberry
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Brown Insects on Strawberry

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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