Black Worms That Curl Up

millipede porch mat


Unfortunately without a picture or more information, we won’t be able to make any certain identification, but we can try!

The “curling up” behavior that our reader described is known as a common defense mechanism for millipedes. The description of the creatures our reader found also matches that of a millipede. Therefore, we believe that our reader is indeed dealing with millipedes (just like they suspected!).

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When millipedes infest the indoors of a home, people often are anxious to get rid of them. However, in the outdoors millipedes are beneficial and a natural part of the ecosystem. Millipedes break down damp leaf litter and debris and feed on small insects. A sudden plethora of these creatures indicate that females have recently laid eggs and that these eggs are hatching. We hope our reader is satisfied with this explanation about what they discovered in their driveway!

To wrap up, our reader’s driveway and walkway was covered with black worms that curled up when bothered. We determined these to be millipedes.

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Black Worms that Curl Up
Article Name
Black Worms that Curl Up
A reader wrote to us from Ft. Meyers, Florida wanting to know about some creatures they found on their concrete driveway and walkways. They said they are black or dark brown, about an inch long and 1/6 inch wide. When they are disturbed they curl up, and they leave remnants behind. The reader thought these might be millipedes but wasn’t sure and was hoping we could clarify.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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  1. Hi…I have many of these black curly worms in the porch area…..their really gross…I live in the basement….how do I get rid of these things…please help!

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