Black Worm with White Stripes and Red Legs


After looking at the pictures, we are confident that she is dealing with carpet beetle larvae.

Carpet beetle larvae are commonly found in households. They feed on lint, dust, and animal hairs. They can be quite destructive when they feed on fabric, leather, wool, and furs.

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Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae requires intense cleaning. Since our reader found these two larvae near food sources for the bugs, she should begin by cleaning those areas. Washing her bedding and sweeping and dusting the area around her pet’s food will get rid of potential food sources for the larvae. She should also thoroughly vacuum to get rid of additional particles the larvae might feed on. She should also dust the surfaces in her house. If she finds these larvae in her closet and suspects that they have begun feeding on her clothes, she should dry clean her clothes to get rid of these destructive creatures.

To sum up, our reader found what we believe to be carpet beetle larvae in her apartment. We gave her some advice to handle this situation.

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Black Worm with White Stripes and Red Legs
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Black Worm with White Stripes and Red Legs
We received a question from a reader about two creatures she found in her apartment. She found them both within 20 minutes, one on her pillow and one near her dog food bowl. She also sent in several photos of these little guys, along with the description, “It’s black, with white stripes and reddish legs”.

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