Black Larvae are Probably Black Soldier Fly Larvae

One of our readers emailed us a picture of a creature that he found. He said these black creatures had become quite a nuisance to him. From the picture, we can tell that he has found Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Here is the picture:

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These larvae are black, very plump, and slightly flat. They have a very tiny head which is sometimes yellow or black. Their skin is extremely tough and almost feels like leather.

Also known as the Phoenix worm, Black Soldier Fly larvae are in the Stratiomyidae family and are a very common type of fly. These larvae are drawn to decaying organic matter and are very helpful in composting. They actually help to convert waste into animal feed. Some people actually breed them to feed to their chickens because they are such a great source of protein.

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The larvae are a type of grub that are used in composting, but they are also beneficial in so many other ways. They are not usually known as pests. They are known for preventing house flies and blow flies from laying eggs and they do not destroy gardens and lawns like other types of grubs. Black Soldier Fly larvae can even be eaten by humans!

Our reader has found a Black Soldier Fly larva and although he may think they are a nuisance, they can help him out in so many ways. If he become overly annoyed with the larva, he can simply put it in the yard or in a garden.

Black Larvae are Probably Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Article Name
Black Larvae are Probably Black Soldier Fly Larvae
One of our readers emailed us a picture of a creature that he found.

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