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larva in soup

Small Worm or Larva in Soup

A reader recently wrote to us about what appears to be a small larva that she found in her soup. (We mentioned a possible "worm" in the soup only because people so often call larvae "worms.") The reader is wondering what she found, and she also asked if she should be concerned if she accidentally ate one. We'll tackle each question in turn, suggesting a possible identification and then discussing eating larvae, both in general and as it relates to the reader's specific circumstances. Continue reading [...]

Worms or Larvae on Dogwood Trees

A reader asked us through the All About Worms Facebook page about "white worms with yellow bottoms [that are] eating my Dogwood trees." These white worms with yellow bottoms are very likely white larvae with yellow bottoms, so we'll adjust our usage accordingly. The reader asked us for an identification, and we'll largely limit ourselves to this specific matter to keep things short and simple. Continue reading [...]
larva in cat food

Worms or Larvae in Cat Food Dish

Via the All About Worms Facebook page, we received a message from a reader who found about 15 to 20 "worms" in her cat's food dish. These "worms" are almost certainly insect larvae, so we'll go ahead and refer to the larvae in the cat food from here on out. In addition to the cat food dish, the larvae were found in the bag of cat food, and in fact this is probably their point of origin, as various types of larvae will infest bags of pet food. The reader also indicated that one of her cats threw up the other night, but it isn't clear if this is connected to the pet food larvae. No specific questions were asked, but the reader indicated "any info will be tremendously helpful," so we'll offer what we can and hope that it helps. Continue reading [...]
black soldier fly larva in RV

Fat Black Larvae in RV

A reader wrote to us recently about some plump black larvae he has been finding in his RV after a water leak. At first he only found the larvae under his trashcan, but he has since spotted them in other parts of his RV - "on the bathroom floor and the carpet and around the seams where carpet stops." We are pretty certain our reader is finding black soldier fly larvae, but that only addresses the first of his three questions. He is also wondering why the larvae are in his RV, and also how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]
smooth, gray worm

Smooth, Gray Worms

Recently a reader sent us a picture of a smooth, gray worm that he is holding in the palm of his hand. Presumably, the reader found the worm and is wondering what it is, but this is conjecture since we were sent the picture with no accompanying text (apart from "sent from my iPhone.") We therefore don't know where, or in what circumstances, this worm was found, and obviously this makes identification more difficult, but the picture is good, so we'll do what we can with that. Continue reading [...]
grub worm in house

Grub Worms in the House

We received a question from a reader who found some sort of larvae in his house. One was found in the hallway, and the other was found on the carpet by the baseboard. The reader says the larvae are white and red on top and green on the bottom, and this can more or less be seen in the photo he submitted along with his question. The reader also reports that the larvae has eight to ten legs. We think our reader found grub worms, which aren't worms but scarab beetle larvae, so that answers one of his questions. However, he was also curious where the larvae came from, so we'll address this topic as well. Continue reading [...]
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