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Attacked by a caterpillar-What to do


The reader didn’t expand on what he meant by “attacked”, but some caterpillars are venomous so we will assume he meant stung. Caterpillars usually have stinging fibers to defend themselves against predators. These fibers and hairs sometimes have toxins in them.

Occasionally caterpillars might “attack” and sting a human. This injury is not often serious, but might be quite painful, and could potentially awaken an allergic reaction.

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Skin rashes are a normal reaction, and often accompanied by some inflammation and swelling as well. However, we are not medical professionals, and there are likely other possible reactions. If our reader is concerned or anxious about his health, we encourage him to see a doctor to provide some further answers.

Our reader didn’t mention what type of pain he was in or what kind of reaction he was having. It is possible he is feeling the normal pain associated with a caterpillar sting. If this is the case, he should consult with his doctor, as we are not medical professionals and unable to offer advice on dealing with medical issues. And then, if he thinks he might be having an allergic reaction to the sting, he should seek medical attention immediately.

In summary, our reader asked what he should do if a caterpillar attacked him. We provided some insight, and if he has been attacked by a caterpillar we wish him a speedy recovery!

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Attacked by a Caterpillar-What to do
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Attacked by a Caterpillar-What to do
A reader recently wrote us “What if you were attacked by a caterpillar? What should be done about it?” This is not exactly the usual type of question we receive, but we will do our best to answer it.

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