The Arrogant Worms

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The Arrogant Worms are a comedy music group. Or is it that the Arrogant Worms are a musical comedy group? However you view it, they are funny, and they make good, fun music.

The Arrogant Worms are originally from Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. However their style, charisma, music and comedy has charmed audiences across North America. In fact, according to their website, “The Arrogant Worms are Canada’s best known musical comedy act. From humble beginnings on campus radio in Kingston, Ontario; they have now performed from Saint John to Victoria and Orlando to Prince Rupert.”

The members of the Arrogant Worms are Trevor Strong, Chris Patterson, and Mike McCormick. The threesome first got together at university, and each brings something special to the group. Trevor has also recently written a book called “Get Stupid!” Funny name, eh? Kind of like the name of the group!

In fact, says their official information, the group itself started out as a joke! “It started out as a joke. It quickly became a career. It’s still funny, though. The Arrogant Worms were unearthed in 1991 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada performing sketches and comedy songs on the campus radio station. Soon their songs appear on national radio and their rags-to-slightly-better-rags story is in full swing.”

So check them out, you’ll be glad that you did! You can find out their show dates, and order their DVD (and Trevor’s book!) from their Arrogant Worms website.

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