Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?

parasitic worms in stool
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We recently received a few photographs and a short message from one of our readers. She wrote, “I have had numerous of these babies come out of my stool. Yes, directly in the stool and not just floating around in the toilet. I am very scared so any help in identification would be wonderful.” The first photograph shows a skinny worm that is brown in color and likely several inches long:

We completely understand why our reader is scared, especially since she found these worms in her stool and not just in the toilet bowl. While it is a minor detail, it suggests that the creatures did truly come from her body, and weren’t just coincidentally swimming in the toilet bowl. The next photograph shows several more of these specimens on some toilet paper.

parasitic worms in stool

Our reader mentioned that she visited a doctor after noticing these worms, but the visit didn’t go smoothly and she left feeling unsatisfied. Unfortunately, we are afraid we can offer little more comfort than her doctor. Since we aren’t medical professionals, we don’t feel comfortable attempting to identify these organisms, and of course we are not able to provide medical diagnoses. We recommend she visit the doctor again and bring samples of the worms if possible, or photos of the worms if samples are no longer available. She can also make a list of symptoms she has been experiencing to report to the doctor. We know she is probably really frustrated and anxious for answers. If she is discouraged with the first doctor she saw, she might consider visiting a travel infectious disease specialist who could be more equipped to handle a situation like this than a general physician. To find a travel infectious disease specialist nearby she can do an Internet search for “travel infectious disease doctor [her location or closest big city.]”

To sum up, a reader wrote to us about some mysterious worms she found in her stool. We aren’t medical professionals and therefore aren’t licensed to give medical advice of any kind. The only advice we can offer is for our reader to visit a doctor ASAP to get her health situation sorted out. We wish her the best of luck!


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Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?
Article Name
Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?
A reader wrote to us about some mysterious worms she found in her stool. We aren't medical professionals and therefore aren't licensed to give medical advice of any kind.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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