An Array of Toilet Paper-Like Worms Freak Out the Resident of this Fresno Home

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Worms whose color changes depending on their surroundings have been discovered all over the home of this woman in Fresno, CA. She asks if we can identify the worms as she is “freaking OUT.”

In additional to a wonderful array of photographs, our reader also sent in a great deal of context, which is always much appreciated. To start with, she states that although this worm “changes color to its surroundings”, they are “mostly seen as white” with a toilet paper-like appearance. She found some of the worms in her dryer filter, and they look white when found among the lint. She is not sure if the worms in the lint are actually the same as “the white ones” she also finds, though we are not quite sure what she means by that. Additionally, there is “usually a black round bug nearby that looks like a ball of hair” though in the pictures she has sent, she says it looks “longer without hair” and adds that perhaps “the hairy ball is actually the worm inside a ball.” Unfortunately, as the descriptions don’t match up with the images sent in, we cannot confidently identify what this ball of hair-looking bug might be. She elaborates in saying that she can smell an odor from the balls of hair, and it feels like she is being “sprayed by a sticky web.”

Moreover, she ponders whether or not her washer is “killing this worm” and if her dryer has become “infested” by these worms. She then goes on to ask if “this grey worm” with the “bug nearby” is “the same as the toilet paper resembling worm you talk about in other articles?” And then she follows with a string of questions about the toilet paper-worm’s identity and how to kill it. Finally, she ends her query with stating that she has found more of the worms on her shirt and on her mattress, and asks if she will be able to buy a new mattress without the same thing happening again.

Our reader has also taken the liberty of adding her own titles and captions to the photographs she sent in. They are as follows: picture #1: “worm dead when it’s more clear on floor”, #2: “dryer filter/ no I didn’t wash toilet paper in load”, #3: “old mattress I thought was full of fiberglass fibers”, #4: “worm on floor I thought was off clean laundry. See clear stuff coming out of mouth. It actually went on a far distance but its cut off in photo”, and #5: “WORM in household. Are all these the same worm at different stages? Parasitic? Is this the toilet paper resembling worm and whats the name of that worm?”

First off, in response to our reader’s questions regarding the toilet paper-resembling worms, it is entirely possible that this is the same worm that was discussed in a previous article, but just as that article states, its identity is unknown. This is because the reader who sent in the query that spawned the article linked above reported this worm as a potential parasite, thus making her situation purely medical in nature. As we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to identify parasites, as it would be paramount of providing a diagnosis. In that case, we can only recommend that our reader who sent in these photos also consults a medical professional. Specifically, we recommend finding a parasite specialist. To find one, our reader can simply do a Google search for ‘infectious disease physician in Fresno” or “travel disease doctor in Fresno”.

Secondly, in response to the rest of our reader’s query, there is honestly not much more we can say besides that we urge her to consult a professional to take a look at her home. Between the variety of different organisms described, and the ones photographed, and the lack of correspondence between the context and the some of the photos, this is simply too much material to work with in a single article. Although we appreciate our reader reaching out to us, it would be very difficult for us to attempt to fill in the blanks where blanks need filling, and it’s never good to speculate in these matters.

Otherwise, and in conclusion, it is not entirely clear what our reader has been finding in her home. From her descriptions, it sounds like she could be finding one species of worm, or several different ones. Furthermore, the situation is potentially medical in nature, and in that case, we would nonetheless not be able to help our reader. Regardless, we hope that our reader does find a means to solve this issue and that she can put her mind at rest when it is all over. Lastly, if any of our other readers have any clue as to the identity of these worms, they are welcome to suggest any ideas in the comment section below.


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An Array of Toilet Paper-Like Worms Freak Out the Resident of this Fresno Home
Article Name
An Array of Toilet Paper-Like Worms Freak Out the Resident of this Fresno Home
Worms whose color changes depending on their surroundings have been discovered all over the home of this woman in Fresno, CA. She asks if we can identify the worms as she is "freaking OUT."

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

23 thoughts on “An Array of Toilet Paper-Like Worms Freak Out the Resident of this Fresno Home

  1. I have the same I have been looking into these things for 3 years now steady it consumes my life and everyone in my life looks at me like I’m nuts but can see first hand from proof staring them in the face I have a pic to show if it will let me put it on here I got these last night and do think they should be sent to a collage for study or something of that nature but don’t know where to start with that I really feel like these things are doing much harm to us slowly two serious things I believe to have been caused by theses is 1 i miscarried set of twins unfortunately neither one was passed out at the hospital I got back home and passed one shortly after and I personally could see theses on the fetus but no one else could as they did not know what they should even be looking for to them it was just shiny like glare from the light I also feel like they took my fertility as well and 2 I no longer have mobility in my feet hand it just was lots of so much pain didn’t sleep for 3 days so much pain pain gone now it’s been 3 months and still have not got mobility back I am afraid this may be permanent expecting the west but hoping for the better I go see a neurologist soon so we will see I guess what they have to say I could go on enough for three years worth but not like this I to would love more then anything to get these dam things out of me ok I can’t put the pics on won’t let me but I would love to share them lot of videos as well crazy shit

  2. I am so glad I found these replies. It really irritated me to see that this website seems to know absolutely nothing about worms for each article I’ve looked into. Also have been dealing with this for a year, all of my things are ruined, and am also dealing with being considered delusional by doctors, apartment management, and family.

    There are 2 important things to mention here.

    1. Person who wrote the 1st comment mentioned campylobacter, which is huge. After months of considering only worms, I moved on to fungi (staining appears randomly across whole apartment, typically co-existing with the paper-like worm outbreaks). Eventually read into biofilms, now a year later, having never considered bacteria before.

    There are 5 main bacterias that lurk in pipes that most people never experience… *unless you’ve had: 1. pipe-flooding or 2. a clog (tub, toilet, sink, whatever) that sat for a long time– bathroom, kitchen, wherever– they’re all connected. This causes that bacteria to become airborne, like mold, but its *bacteria* that can be seen and spans all rooms.

    Campylobacter is one of the 5 that do this.

    2. Something important I’ve noticed, now confident enough to say this trend is 100% consistent: These things (potentially spores) “sting” me and become ALL over the place *every* time I pull all-nighters on Adderall. The reason is because immune system is altered/down, technically making me immunocompromised and highly affected on those nights. It’s never like this otherwise (when healthy/normal).

    Someone else mentioned this. That it’s much worse when sick. Same concept. I have a theory from this experience that WE are the ones infesting the house. Since dealing with spores here. You inhale, become a carrier, and before you know it, its in the bed, the fridge, everywhere that *you* have been. Simply by breathing on surfaces. Otherwise, it’s pretty much dormant. Still there, still airborne, but not carried around as much by the host (you and me).

    This is what I think is occurring. Can the rest of you remember if youve had a leak or a clog somewhere? If so, I think our stories are adding up. I’m a pharmacist and Head of Research. Really have been wanting to “discover” this. If so, the name of the parasite will be “Bitch Ass Squatter Worms”

    1. I have seen same things for yrs . Been to many types of Drs . After a yr living in a house with mold up in walls & under the house . I just felt really terrible n my facial skin just erupted n still does since 2017 . I’d find those wet & dry toilet paper looking things all over house . No one believed when I’d show them . I do think they are coming off me ( us) . I think thru my yrs of research that they are some kind of yeast . I have white patches on my face & neck that I think sometimes burst ,. They are wet & twisted at first then dry out & look just like you said . I’ve been told the white spots are from Sun ,I’ve been told I’m delusional, I’ve been treated 1st visit & after that the Drs are stand off ish . I’ve been told throw away my mirror &stay off internet . I’ve been diagnosed with diff things that next Dr would say was wrong . Finally got a Dr to do Biopsy & it’s Prurigo Nodulars . No cure n no known cause . But Dr says the white spots are scars .I just see a lot of people are dealing with same thing . Yet Drs says it’s nothing . I believe they DO KNOW & won’t say . But Mold & yeast which is considered a parasite are related to the white paper looking things that are scattered . I am not crazy but it makes you feel like it when I have to be my own Dr , researcher & so much more .

  3. I can relate to all of the comments and experiences mentioned from finding the white ‘toilet paper’ worms everywhere, washing machine not killing them, hair like worms under my skin or on it, worms in my stool (poop) to not being believed by the doctors. My nightmare has only just begun and the last 6 weeks of my life have become a living hell. Not only having to deal with the constant cleaning, steaming & showering I also had to find the time to prove to doctors I wasn’t insane. The only difference I can thankfully say is I did have a positive poop test for parasites (only because I insisted) it was a disappointment the GP took it upon herself to hide the result from me but eventually I did get it after confirming with the lab that there was a result from my sample. I’ve since complained and been completely ignored. I have finished the standard course of antibiotics given for threadworms/ tapeworm but I think my ordeal is far from over. I can still feel them on me and still finding various worm like parasites all over my home.
    I also have a theory that it’s linked to sudden ongoing illness meaning, 2 years ago, one day I was super fit the next day I was eventually diagnosed with campylobacter. By then I was skin and bone with the doctor being so slow to test but I made a recovery. However, within a few days of the sickness and diarrhoea stopping, one of my testicles swelled up and has been the bane and pain of my life to this very day. Then 6 weeks ago the worm thing really kicks off but when I think back, there has been the odd incident that I kind of took little notice of for quite sometime so the worms have been around and multiplying for a long long time. My theory being it started with campylobacter most likely caused by eating undercooked meat and at the same time tapeworm. I’ve read recently a tapeworm can form a cyst on a man’s testicle and the day the worm thing hit me, coming out of my arms and legs all over my body and home and basically fully infested, my testicular cyst reduced in size and the pain vanished for a number of days . It has since slowly returned but I have asked the hospital to look again at my MRI scan from the middle of last year to see if a tapeworm cyst can be seen. The doctors know and can see a cyst very clearly but it didn’t clear with all the antibiotics they have given me for months on end. Unfortunately my request has also been ignored by the hospital, I’m working on that.
    In case you wonder how they came out my arms and legs, I woke to think I had head lice crawling over me then thought pubic lice and bedbugs too. It was horrendous but I have never got googling so quick in all my life. At the time I thought ‘Hedrin’ (fast acting head lice treatment) would be the best thing and bought some. I stood in the shower and covered myself head to toe in Hedrin expecting the crawling parasites to be dead in 15 minutes. They weren’t, more Google and found out what lice don’t like and luckily I had that close to hand. So, on top of the Hedrin I covered myself in coconut oil, olive oil, toothpaste (peppermint), white wine vinegar household cleaner and a lavender oil & water mix. That seemed to detox my skin and scare the living daylights out of me. I went back to the pharmacy and they said it was threadworm I was describing and gave me the treatment for that.
    So to summarise, standard threadworm/pin worm treatment & antibiotics the NHS here use to treat all worm infections haven’t worked and I have no trust in the GP after deliberately keeping a test result hidden from me and other medical staff and they all think I’m imagining all the things I’ve just read and relate to in this article. Ohh and they were trying to get me on Valium as I didn’t seem to be coping with the fact they think I’m nuts! Not being believed and feeling totally isolated is worse than the infestation itself and the infestation is hell.
    I’m in the UK, anyone experienced something similar, more to the point, coke out the other side? Please help

  4. Weird. I’m seeing several people from Las Vegas on here. If it helps at all, I feel like it’s a weird mixture between bacteria/mold/algae.
    Is it in our water?
    Unfortunately pests of all kinds are attracted to all of which I’ve mentioned above. Everytime I think I’m getting close to solving what no medical professional/exterminator/veterinarian/ human being I come across can knowingly identify or even see for the matter… everything just becomes too convoluted. I believe whatever this is had evolved and is possibly an ever-evolving entity. This has shook me to the core. I am no longer myself. My life is not my own. My poor dog has it as well. I feel very defeated. Going through this has shown me the ugly side of humanity. I will not give up… none of you give up. Advocate for yourselves. Know your rights. Take good care of yourselves and LOVE yourself. If anyone wants to compare notes/insight, I’m available. God bless.

  5. My girlfriend and I both have the white toliet paper worms…They are all over our house. We both have sores all over our body and worms are coming out of the sores and out of our nose. We are getting laughed out of ERS and doctor offices. We are scared and we are losing everything. Can anyone help us with this……..

  6. I’ve found so many people are going through this with no diagnosis besides delusional!! I think our worms have worms. Horse hair worms don’t usually invade humans. I think maybe our nematodes have nematodes. Hope to find the answers soon. Please let us know if you Hanne any breakthrough

  7. I have been searching for info on the same type of bug/worm/whatever it is! My husband thinks I’m going crazy and is sending me to Drs over “my bug hallucinations and feelings.” He just says it’s lint, crumbs, nothing at all but I swear we have a few different things going on here. They are literally everywhere- in every room almost now, clothes, something in my hair/scalp, beds, food. I can’t get any answers. I’ve had stool samples done and nothing ever shows up. Pest control came and said nothing as well, but they barely looked they the house. I started seeing the toilet paper like things all over, plus these tiny thin black bugs hiding in bigger things, like hay (from Guinea pigs) and really anything else on the floor I’ve also seen white tiny bugs the crumble like salt and tiny green almost worm like bugs in my couch? So weird. . I am having strange symptoms with swelling everywhere especially my eyes and face , brain fog and so tired but I haven’t checked back with the Dr since she didn’t believe me either. Everyone is just making me feel like I am actually losing it. I’ve been sent to see a psychiatrist and my husband wants to check me into a damn mental hospital. So thanks for posting and giving me a little hope that someone else is going thru the same thing! Huge help right now!

  8. Does anyone know what these are ? My family of 4 and all of my pets are infested ! We have been going through this for over a year now and it’s getting worse. Please help !

  9. How have you faired since last posting on the ” white worms” By the way our parasitic and is from black and white mold and severe flood damage I think there’s two different species of them I’m not sure but I can only hope that you have not lost your hair but to hell with the medical doctors they don’t know even your infectious disease doctors you have to research it and research it and research it yourself and keep bugging biologists or whoever till they see it believe it and then the CDC goes and says well we just don’t have a lot of information on this… really ?? well it looks like The CDC and the medical doctors and the biologists better get on the same page and get some information because it is spreading like wildfire ever since the last few hurricanes came through down south here and you can kill them even with salt or baking soda but I just use the store-bought mold and mildew or even vinegar but once they get under your skin and they’re very invasive I mean the minute they smell the human skin they just it’s awful it is horrible but it’s been a year since you guys posted if you read this please let me know how things are with you…

  10. I have the same worms in the same locations and they don’t seem to die. I have been to several dr in Vegas and each one passes me off to the next. No real health issues except thick smelly brown urine and sore back but no infection to cause symptoms. I see them all over the valley and in packaged foods. Closest thing I can find is several types of mold that look and move like these. They shoot spores which could explain the biting:stinging sensation I feel that you refer to as the webs… they are impostor bedbugs as well. At first glance they seem like a solid shell but after closer inspection you can see there’s several globed together. I’ve been told I’m crazy it’s just lint or string so many times, however they are on the cats and dogs, as well as in your hair, ears, eyes and skin just they are hard to spot due to the net like biofilm that many fungi can create. Try lemon juice in your hair, I bet it gets super kinky and knotted. I use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything and sulfur soap to bathe. Epson salt with menthol is great for long hot bath and zinc to kill the remaining on skin. Still haven’t gotten rid of them completely but that’s due to leaves and wood that were rotten and mold spores are in the soil. I’m just glad that I’m not the only person freaking out over them

    1. Hi. I live in Vegas and have been dealing with this for a year. Have you found any resolution? I’d love to talk.

      1. Hi, I live in Vegas as well and I have had the worse breakout starting about a month ago. I thought I had it gone and bam it came back badly. I used antifungal medications for a year to get rid of most of it but it’s not appearing to help this time around. I feel like I’m losing everything.

  11. Sounds SO familiar. And given my most recent photographic findings, I’m thinking (again) it may be a tapeworm. Cysticercosis was the first worm infection I posed to any doctor, that’s been more than 3 years ago now. (wanted to include two pictures but didn’t have the option)

    On a side note …Christy, why in the world would you consume RAW chicken? Whatcha thinkin’ girl?

  12. There are several people describing this same thing including myself and have photos to back the story. It changes some how. For me started after I consumed raw chicken followed by a trip to the tanning bed using a cherry lotion that they seem to not like cherry smelling products and had symptoms since. But nobody knows what they are ?

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