Alien Worm

So what exactly is an alien worm? Is it a worm from another planet? Or is it just another name for a very strange worm. If you answered “just another name for a very strange worm,” you are correct. An alein worm is actually a newly discovered worm—at least by a Raleigh, North Carolina construction crew, that lives inside old pipes. According to numerous reports, a mysterious, pulsating mass was found by a construction crew on the inside of an old pipe via sewer cam.

The worms, that are now being referred to as “alien worms,” live in colonies in “sac-like blobs attached to tree roots that grow in and around older pipes.” When light and heat are near the sacs, the entire sac responds with intense movement and retraction in an attempt to escape the heat and light. Alien worms, like most other worm species, are extremely heat and light sensitive.

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The alien worm images are so popular that the video was uploaded to YouTube by multiple users. One video has received more than 8 million hits since its been online. The environmental coordinator of the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, Ed Buchanan, has assured everyone that the alien worm is not a new life form. It’s just another worm that lives a bit differently than most worm species. If you would like to see the YouTube video, please use the following link:

Although the alien worm is rare, there are other worms that prefer to live around pipes and sinks. These worms do not build a sac for protection, but they can live in sewers. Many, however, may be found living right in the drains and sinks of your home. The larvae of the moth fly are less than ¼ of an inch long. They have small suction discs along their bellies to help suction to slippery surfaces. They have a distinct head and a somewhat flattened body. They do not have legs.

The larvae of moth fly hangs around drains, within drains, underneath drain plugs, and screens, and inside of pipes. They feed on the gelatinous film found in bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets and well as kitchen sinks.

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The moth fly, also called “drain fly,” “filter fly,” or “sewer fly,” is grayish or dark in color. The moth fly has hundreds of fine hairs covering the wings and the body. You can find moth flies resting indoors with their wings held over their bodies, like a roof. They can be found resting on bathroom walls and around drain-like surfaces. The moth fly develops through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Moth flies have many generations each year and they occur anytime of the year in moist coastal regions – indoors and outdoors. Moth flies are common outdoors during the winter and spring months in California, but mostly in interior areas.

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