A Variety of Unidentified Substances Has This Reader at Her Wits End

“I’m writing you because I’m at my wits end and my family thinks I’m crazy,” states this reader in her submission to us concerning the array of photographs of various organisms/matter below. “What are these?” she asks.

Our reader reports that the organisms she has photographed are “always bothersome” and are “more so at night”. Now, it is difficult to tell in some of the photos what exactly we are looking at. The first photo above seems to display a wad of a mucus-looking substance. The second photo below shows a gray-black square with a trail of similarly-colored matter which resembles some type of cloth. It also looks as if this photo was taken underwater. The third photo exhibits a collection of black matter on top of a rectangle of brown earth-like matter: the black stuff looks like it could be burnt. The final photo is very blurry, but seems to show something glossy or reflective: it may be the same mucus-like substance in the first photo, or at least something similar to it.

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Unfortunately, without more context, it is impossible for us to give any concrete identifications of what our reader is trying to show us. None of these organisms (if they are organisms) remotely resemble worms or any worm-like creatures, and our reader has not indicated that there are any worm-like organisms roaming her home, so we cannot know if these might be substances left behind by some critter (though that would be our guess, at least when it comes to the mucus-like substance). What our reader might want to do is search her home for any roaming creatures. They could be hiding someplace dark and cramped, as that is a likely hiding spot for pests. She can check underneath furniture, inside cupboards and drawers, in shoes and clothing, and anywhere else that she does not regularly check or clean.

Now, our reader does state that her family thinks she is “crazy”, and this is a sentiment we have heard reflected by many of our other readers, specifically when it comes to them suspecting parasites. Our reader does not mention parasites or issues/concerns regarding her health, so we are not suggesting that these are parasites or that they are dangerous or harmful. What we are saying is that, if our reader is concerned about these things, but she did not mention them in her submission to us, then we will go ahead and include some links here that our reader can use if she wants to consult with a parasitologist (physicians which specialize in diagnosing and treating parasite infections). So, to find a parasitologist, our reader can do one or more of the following: 1) Search for a medical parasitologist in her area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: https://www.astmh.org/for-astmh-members/clinical-consultants-directory. 2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”. 3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at https://www.parasitetesting.com. 4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at idcarepa.com.

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In conclusion, we are not sure what it is that our reader is trying to show us: it is unclear if they are all one organism, different organisms, or substances that have been left behind by some organism(s). We also do not know in what way they are “bothersome”, but if our reader had let us know just a little bit more, we might have been able to better help. That said, we hope that the information we were able to provide in this article is helpful to our reader, and we wish her the very best.

A Variety of Unidentified Substances Has This Reader at Her Wits End
Article Name
A Variety of Unidentified Substances Has This Reader at Her Wits End
"I'm writing you because I'm at my wits end and my family thinks I'm crazy," states this reader in her submission to us concerning the array of photographs of various organisms/matter below. "What are these?" she asks.

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1 thought on “A Variety of Unidentified Substances Has This Reader at Her Wits End

  1. About the pics where she says she is at her wits end… I’ve been there!!! Since October 2020, when the “monsters arrived ” :( 11 times to drs , 3 stool tests, negative…my cats super sick, same things in them as me.
    I started to give up, I lost 63 pounds, since they became worse end of January. I have been hospitalized for major left leg swelling 2 times.. after all the images, scans, tests, 7 different drs , cant tell me why .
    All others like that have been diagnosed with cellulitis, or a DVT. Now I went to a vascular specialist because its my veins swelling, and leaking… I am bed ridden, with a walker to go to bathroom. My fiance left me, my dog had to stay with a dear friend. I went back to the ER, and they had a police officer put me in cuffs, secured the door of my room, took blood to check for hallucinating drugs, Negative, as my father told them.it would be! He is taking care of me, because my extremities go numb randomly and I can’t drive now. It really is a nightmare, and we need and advocacy for parasites , and for primary drs to immediately refer anyone suspecting they have them and show any symptoms to Infectious disease. It is not accepted to allow ONE person to struggle with this Infectious parasite alone. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY !!! GOOGLE”FLUKE ” itbis what my vet and I found in my cats after 8btimes to see her, and 4 different stool samples. Now I am awaiting a referral to Infectious Disease, asap, because my eosynophills are sky rocketed, and my liver enzymes all bad, I could already have liver cancer, ive been undiagnosed for 6 months. Something has to change ,,! The reason it looks so different, they take on debris, lint, leaves, etc. As a way to get to the host. Flukes can have as many as 3 intermediate hosts before entering a human, cat, dog whatever their host will be.
    I am soo understanding for what you are going through. Please research fluke, liver fluke probably…inhopebthis helps you !! Oh, and they are way more active at night!!
    Best, Stacy

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